Bitstream Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 02: Details of the plans are needed regarding interviewing, questions, specific testing and methods, evaluation methods?

As the case states, the recruiter Peter Dromeshauser, after assessing the needs of the company and discussing the requirements of the job description called senior marketing executives from Novell, Adobe, Xerox, Intel, Banyan and HP. While evaluating the resumes of potential seven candidates, four were shortlisted by Peter Dromeshauser. The best option to evaluate the competency and skill level of these four candidates is to interview them one by one by Jim Sole in person. This will be the most appropriate method of actually evaluating the candidates.

As already discussed, the candidate that is being hired is for the post of head therefore he needs to be someone with all the skills and should be evaluated thoroughly before making the final selection of the candidate. For such a high level job, the test will not be the most effective method therefore the most feasible option will be to evaluate the individual with an interview. The details of the interview will be to initially ask the candidate some structured questions from a list of questions. These will be the basic information about the candidate, where Jim Sole can judge the person through his academics, his current work experience, knowledge about the new company and his long term plans. These will be some of the most common or structured questions, that will be asked of all the candidates that will appear for the final interview.

Secondly, since the section will be based on the interview it is necessary that all the candidates are given proper time to show their skills and ideas of how they will take the company forward with the new project also. While unstructured session of question and answers, Jim Sole will be asking questions such as the way he might take the project. Over here, views and ideas of the candidates might differ. Some might want to invest heavily on marketing and advertising to make this new launch a successful one, while others will come up with core business ideas to make sure the new project turns out to be as successful as planned by the management.

Over here, Jim Sole has to decide upon himself the actual plan he and his company might be willing to pursue in order to become a successful project for the company. Evaluating the needs and wants of the company will be something that has to be done by Sole himself because the new joinee will not have insight knowledge and details of the company. Over here the skills of Jim sole will be the most obvious strength for the company. The questions should be based on the technical knowledge and expertise that will be necessary for the company and the candidate to understand and educate himself about.

Question 03: For interviewing which factors should be explored in the interview based on the case and how would you accomplish this? Please give a sample of the most important questions in test or interview to ask

As the case states, Jim Sole was hiring a candidate to head the new project at Bitstream, therefore, while interviewing the candidates shortlisted by the recruiter Peter Dromeshauser, the most important aspect that has to be understood is that the interview is in the top management position, therefore, the interview, questions and selection criteria should be based on the level of job. The candidates must be judged on the management skill continuum.

All the four candidates that have been shortlisted by the recruiter will only be tested on their conceptual skills because the job requires top level experience and expertise. Jim Sole has to make a decision where he needs to conceptualize and think about the complex and abstract situations. The candidate must have the skills to manage a task, lead the time, the person should have interpersonal skills and the charisma along with the energy that will not only drive him to work better, but will eventually help his team members and the subordinates also. The candidate should have the skill to respond to any query with utmost ease and efforts. The most important questions that Jim Sole will definitely need to ask the four short listed candidates are as follows:

What is your three Biggest Accomplishments until now?

The reason to ask this question is that the answer will speak volumes. Along with this, Jim Sole will identify what the candidate considers success as. Is the candidate materialistic or not.

What is the reason behind your career moves?

This answer will make Jim Sole understand the level of strategic thinking the candidate possesses. This is a feasible way to judge the level of thought process of the candidate.............................

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