Suntech Power Holdings (A): the Pre-IPO Years Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

(A) case, Dr. Zhengrong Shi, founder, chairman and CEO of Suntech Holdings Power, on his way to the creation of the global solar PV company based in China. It covers the background and inspiration for ideas, his relationship with the local Chinese authorities, business strategy, competitive environment and performance to date. Event concludes with the founder is considering options for the future of the company, including taking the company public on the New York Stock Exchange. (B) if the company should be in the post-IPO years, provides an update on the strategy and financial performance and the competitive environment. "Hide
by George Foster, Antonio Davila, Ning Jia Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 28 pages. Publication Date: January 11, 2010. Prod. #: E347A-PDF-ENG

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Suntech Power Holdings (A): the Pre-IPO Years

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