Strategy made simple: Thinking in threes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In this increasingly complex world, managers are understandably seek the advice of experts to chart a path forward. However, they face pile metaphors, methods and models, too often, old wine in new bottles. This article will help managers cut through the clutter. It is a triangular base, which combines concepts that, despite the contrasting language, are more similar than different. The scheme is based on three types of Venn diagrams: disjunction, containment and intersection. Disjunction implies autonomy, containment, control and cross collaboration. Each organizational strategy is a balance of these three variables. After triadic picture was captured, managers can "speed reading" the literature on strategy, technology / organization, mergers and acquisitions, and knowledge, and also to see the parallels between the two works. They also are better able to address the strategic issues in a systematic and effective, and bring to a wider organizational audience. "Hide
by Robert W. Keidel Source: Business Horizons 7 pages. Publication Date: January 15, 2013. Prod. #: BH512-PDF-ENG

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Strategy made simple: Thinking in threes

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