Leading Change at Simmons (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Difficulties faced by Simmons in December 2001

During 2001, Simmons has experienced number of challenges. These challenges include the transformation of the family-owned enterprises into the a common manufacturing firm whose CEO has been elected on the basis of professional expertise not on  family succession. The company has also started mattress manufacturing with a Zero waste policy to reduce cost. Along with these changes there are some serious issues that were continuously hindering the financial performance of the company. One of these issues was related to the cultural differences among the employees and between the employees and the organization. Secondly, all the manufacturing plants were competing with each other and acting as competitors, not collaborators. The disruptive activities of the plant have reduced the motivation level of the operational staff. The third most disruptive challenge faced by the company was the mismanagement of the leadership activities. The company has implemented many leadership programs that increased the profitability of the company and had reduced manufacturing cost. However, all the efforts were gone in vain and the administrative structure remained disruptive

Leadership change by Charlie Eifel

The CEO has decided to revamp the cultural arrangement of the company with the addition of three core values into the previous code of conduct. The CEO gave much importance to the organizational culture that cares a lot for its employees. Another important cultural aspect which is the most essential part in the organization is the employee Empowerment and their participation in the decision making of the activities related to their core expertise. The third element relates to the leadership activities which suggest that there must be an active relationship among all employees in which everyone supports each other.

The company has unified the vision by accumulating its core new and old cultural values which consist of care, history opportunity, innovation customer empowerment and support known as CHOICES.

The Second step taken by Eitel the CEO, was to establish a concrete leadership program in which the leader strongly monitors the performance of its team and takes the responsibility of all the actions performed by his team members. A clear report has been provided to specify the plant supervisors that they must follow and expand the usage of the core values of the organization. The united vision of the organization will transform the culture of continuous improvement and innovation in the operations of manufacturing plant.

The CEO has a clear vision related to his transformational ideas; however, the management was confused about the implementation of the united vision and leadership activities to the mass organization. Till that time, the management has ignored the fact that there must be a discrete vision for leadership that is only provided to the leaders so that they manage their team according to those specific instructions. This reveals that the core values of the company are not common for all employees. In addition to this situation, the values, code of ethics, and leadership vision would be written by keeping all leadership responsibilities in their mind including the usage of suitable words that would show the ubiquity of the core values. Adding all the values together which show that all the plants will care for each other about the associate business so that the plants stop competing with each other and work in a collaborative way.

Objective to implement Great Game of Life Program

Eitel came up with the idea of establishing the piece of training and development through untraditional methods. Eitel possesses multiple options to enhance the overall productivity of the company. However, the organization would not get long-term benefit from this productivity enhancement application which also includes layoffs for the nonproductive staff. The CEO has decided to bring change in the entire organization for which the behavior of the individual employee must be highly dedicated towards its work. The CEO wants to fetch a program that develops employees’ professional as well as technical skills due to which the employees want to stick with the organization because they love their work and that they possess the opportunity to enhance their workability. To select a developmental program that works both for the organization and the employees, the CEO has introduced a program of Great Game of life (GGOL).The sole purpose of (GGOL) is to raise the efficiency of employee growth. There is no doubt that GGOL is an amazing program to motivate different personalities and shape the organizational culture to get the desired results. The main issue for the company was to make an investment decision that is generating huge expenses for the company. To collect the consensus over the investment resolution on Great Game of life program the management took some measures that include a comprehensive survey from the concerned operational staff to make sure the willingness of the personnel................................

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