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            Fortinet Company is one of the leading companies in the industry of the network security. The company is the worldwide provider of the network security appliances. Over the years, the company has created significant competitive advantages in the market and today the company is market leader in the network security industry (Fortinet Website). The services and the products of the company have simplified the IT security infrastructure and the company has achieved a competitive position based upon its high performance protection against all sort of the significant threats, integrated protection, and the broad range of the subscription services.

            The products and the services of the company are being served to the government entities worldwide, service providers and enterprises. Majority of the companies that are being served by the company include the companies from the Fortune Global 100 of 2012. Fortinet Company’s network security solutions include a broad range of products such as virtual appliances products and FortiGate physical providing the solutions to the customers regarding antivirus, VPN, intrusion prevention, WAN acceleration, firewall and web filtering (Fortinet Website).

            Furthermore, the broad product line of FortiGate is managed by the Forti Manager product family through, which the customers of the company are able to perform the security functions and the system configuration from a central console (Fortinet Website). The company is an innovator in the network security industry. The mission of the company is to be more and more innovative in this field and provide the end customers with the high performing network security platforms and network security appliances to simplify the IT infrastructure.

Industry and Competitive Landscape

            The cyber security industry is becoming more vital and more important as we all are moving in future. This is because the cyber-attacks are accelerating in sophistication and acceleration. Most of the important institutions are under the threat of the cyber-attacks and these threats are startling. The institutions that are most exposed to these threats include the government entities and the corporations.

            With the rapidly, destabilizing Russia, the rapid rise of China and the increase in the terrorism around the world, the importance of cyber security is significant and the need for competent cyber security is required in the current era of technological advancements( "Fortinet Named Leader of Worldwide Unified Threat Management Market for 23rd Consecutive Quarter, 2012). Most of the cyber security firms today are unable to acclimatize themselves as a result of rapid involvement of the cyberspace around the world which is pushing most of the cyber security firms on the forefront. Fortinet Company is one of these companies, which have acquired a leading position in the cyber security industry.

            Fortinet Company is basically the breed of an innovative and newer cyber security company, which is taking over the cyber security industry and maintaining a competitive position in the market(Kontzer). The products of the company are sold to around approximately 20,000 partners of the company worldwide. The management of the company is implementing such strategies, which are advancing the past position of the company as the time moves on. This is also revealed in the past financial performance and the current quarter 4 earnings of Fortinet Company.

            The company is also facing stiff competition from its key competitors however; the management of the company through the deployment of the resources and the corporate strategies has maintained a fortress against the competitors and the internet marauders. The core competitors of the company include the CISCO Systems Inc, McAfee Inc and Check point software technologies limited. The biggest threat faced by the company is from the Cisco Systems which has also dominated a share of the market by selling a range of devices including the security devices(Donovan, 2015).Term Paper Assignment Case Solution

            During the second quarter of the year 2015, the sales of the company increased by 30% and the company took shots at the competition. The largest portion of the revenues of the company came from the FortiGate next generation firewall solutions. The management of the company had just focused on building on existing relationships and adding new customers to increase the market share of the company.

            The company had also made plans for cross selling opportunities and taking the advantage of internal segmentation of the firewall. Looking at the analysis of the competitive landscape it could be said that the management of the company has maintained a strong competitive position in the cyber security industry..........................

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