Soso Steel Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Soso Steel Company Case Study Solution

1)Tactical and Strategic Procurement

The most common firms roles and responsibilities; issues and solution are as follows.

Giving Team Leadership

The features of order -and-authority in the world of one person no longer make sense in a group external factors, so this is one of the causes why some head find it difficult to adjust. Those heads with a more unrestricted style are more likely to struggle and break here.


But the head of the management should have clear-direction and tactics that can take the authority of the group as a safeguard for afirm, and a large amount of those with other administration-ways can also adapt to learning.

Heads who want to be successful team heads are expected to give facts, trust others and understand when to deliver. They should be more-supporter than heads. It should be a balanced act - especially in the start - to find that the team needs greater support and where the head needs to go.

Separated Employees

A 2016 study showed that 2.8% of all US employees work from home. As a head of the firm, it is very tough to keep employees together to the firm’s vision. When they are doing their work. (McQuivey, 2016)


Leadership should be delivering. Honesty, building connections with others, engaging encompassing,transmission, and all transmission expertise that build connections and trust is always important. “The use of those things, however, is challenging, and heads must learn to act purposely and actively in the use of those expertise.

2)Quality and Inventory

Total Quality Management (TQM) as a term reporting the quality standards of the firm-following are the benefits and disadvantages of TQM.

Benefits of TQM

Building up competitive status.

  • Adjusting to changing trade and external conditions and other administration orders.
  • High output is there in TQM
  • Better market likeness.
  • Removal of disorder and waste.
  • Decreased value and better cost administration.
  • High income.
  • Better customer focus and satisfaction.


  • TQM requires high coaching and evolution costs.
  • High dedication is required throughout the business.
  • It requires administration and general testing.
  • High organization is required to keep TQM.

Demand predictions depends largely for a diversity of items and services - from goods that expire quickly. So it is crucial to know the cost of your consumer’s life (the total buying they do from you over time), your average ranking(how much they spend every time), and the variety of items ordered to improve demand forecasting. So these all factors need to be considered in order for forecasting the demand.

3)Statement of work

This statement of work (“SOW”) is entered between [SoSo. Steel] and [A .Company] (“Service Provider”) according to the [Expert accordance] group of [4/19/2021].

Details of Services and / or Delivery

The Service Provider will give [High Level details of Work] [Labor classification Or Type of Work] fund to support [Project or Group Being Supported]. The working time is described in the term.

SoSo. Steel may increase the time of the request over two weeks' attention in writing. In the case of an enlarged requests up to the time of working, the Service Provider may be required to change the allocate staff participation of another person to be named with the same limitation in the absence of given staff. In such an occasion SoSo. Steel will have the ability to interact with the person to be pre-loaded.


The producer will be available to doestablishment services, such as:

  • Making Planned Strategies that will guide all satisfyand predict implementation
  • Givingplannedinputs to SoSo. Steel project manager to help improve work functions and timings
  • Work with business heads and professionals to improve the material of coaching-drives.

4)Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an acceptance between afirm and their service contributors that defines the commitment and assumption of the connections. Working with a service contributor has so much benefits, but to get the most out of this connection an SLA must be made.

  1. Sets Clear and Quantifiable Guidelines:

The SLA is the key to confirming that you and your service contributor are on the same page in terms of quality level and service. By making a SLA, both the firm and service contributors are able to join assumption- sand ensure that they are on the same page. Developing clear and quantifiable principles is important as it reduces the chances of disappointing the client and provides the client with support when commitment are not met.

2: Provides a Commitment Form for Unattainable Services

If the firm’s service contributors fails to meet their commitment, it could have serious result for your firm’s reputation. In the SLA, it must include the outcomes if performance standards are not met. These small things can help the firm in the time of a loss. It also protects the firm and makes the contributor-responsible.

3: It Gives Peace of Mind

An SLA can provide peace of mind to clients. They have a selectedcontract that allows them to carry their service contributorsresponsible and the featuresof the type of service they anticipate.

5)E-Procurement Tools

E-Procurement instrument and requests

Other e-procurement instrument and applications include:

  • Automated programs to help established purchases
  • EDI (electronic data exchange)
  • ERP drives
  • the Internet as pillar with established purchases
  • email (email)
  • Web authorizedEDI
  • World Wide Web (www)
  • Online instrument and network replace established purchases.

And some of the benefits of these-Procurement tools are as follows:

1: Make efficient use of clarity and lower costs: E-procurement belongings spend on vendors and path tracing-together, which helps builds consumer capacity and lower cost.

2:Functional performance: E- Procurement helps to change internal acquisition-operation such as order purchase, supplier evaluation, which leads to an increased performance.

3: Increased Data precision: When the method is performed online, the resulting course of action-decreases the chances of error. The document also make it easier to refer to previous orders and commitment to verify consent-with agreement, thus decreased data imprecision.

6)Involving Users and Suppliers

The most common inefficiencies related to a lack or, or improper involvement of, user or supplier input (or both) are as follows:..........................

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