Google Glass Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 Google Glass Case Solution


Google Glass was established in 2010 with the efforts of Google X research laboratory. Google glass was the vision of exploring high-impact technologies of the future. The technological development of Google Glass was beyond the core search business of the company. The purpose of developing the technology was to develop the technologies in order to resolve the huge issues of the humanity. Hence, Google Glass was formed. Google Glass was developed to provide the facility of eye wear that can capture the moments without using more and complex system of technology. Google Glass was the eyewear that can start capturing moments instantly with the just one click. This technology has the amazing features. It can provide access to the internet easily while wearing the glass. Moreover, pictures and videos can be shared easily on the Facebook or Twitter. The Google Glass also provides communication via phone, email, text, Web search and real-time navigation. It also included access to Calendar, Google+, Gmail and another search to the internet.

Evaluation of Google Glass

Initial Success of Google Glass has discussed from the three basic dimensions that are Technology, Market and Organization.

Success of Google through Technological Development

There was the difference of opinion at the early stages of Google Glass launch. Many people reviewed it as the tremendous innovation of technology. Overall review for the capabilities of the camera was positive. With the reviews of Marc Andreessen, co founder of Andreessen Horowitz it was the entire world of the internet in front of his vision when he wore the Google Glass. Moreover, it was the power and speed, weight and tiny size control, effectiveness and clarity of the video and audio that have experienced and reviewed as the amazing technology control.

In addition, families also viewed as the interesting and helpful product when they were at hangout and were able to capture easily the moment they want to save immediately.

Success of Google throughMarket Trending

Google Glass has taken its customers in to consideration. Hence, it has launched the eye wear with the different coloring strategy that can attract the customers. It has originated various styles and colors for the optical. The eye wear thus includes fashion trending. They have considered looks of the eye wear so that the customers will not feel awkward wearing it on their face.Furthermore, the targeted segment was very difficult for Google Glass to be determined and focused. Hence, the company has examined the trendy customers for the product who would like to experience the product by wearing it on their faces. Moreover, attention has been paid to identify the retailers and the chain of the channel of distribution that has confirmed availability of the product near customers. An online channel for the selling of product was also available that can show all the variety of eye wear and customers can select among them.

Success of Google through Organizational Concept

The company has successfully launched innovative technology of Google Glass. Google has evaluated suitable customers to target for its product. Moreover, proper channel and distribution have prolonged in order to provide availability of product near its customers. The efforts of the organization have played the key role in the development of its product and through the different scheme of launching product, branding it and marketing it appropriately has made the product successful.

Challenges of Google Glass

Google Glass has faced different challenges to its way. These hurdles were from three aspects Technology, Marketing and Organization. ...................

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