SOCIAL MEDIA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

SOCIAL MEDIA Case Study Solution

The report illustrates the rising impact of social media on the company and the consumer together. With the passage of time, and emergence of easy technology. The consumers have started using the social media to develop the relationship with the company.While on other hand, the companies have identified social media as the major aspect of loyalty and customer management, making the minter act with the target market through these means.The use of digital means and especially social media has become an integral part in marketing strategies for the company to develop a strong customer service and delighted services. Also, the repost discusses the impact of social media on the brand image and reputation of the company along with the high intensity viral effect. It has been note that due to virility of the social media, many company have suffered from the brand image and negative reputation,while on hand has been successful in developing the extra-edge customer services.

However apart from these aspects of social media, the security and customer management metrics are still under-developed in social lacks the immediate customer complaint management through social media and developing the WOW factor. This is mainly due to the un offered attention to the social media aspect by the companies, which has again backfired on many organization.All I social media has become an import domain of the companies to interact, connect and engage with customer, that leads to customer management, loyalty management and retention.

Keywords:  Social Media marketing, Zappos, Customer engagement, virility, WOW factor, loyalty management, customer retention


How Social Media does represents a threat to the companies who limit their customer support service to traditional channels?

Social media has become one of the emerging trend of the market, taking in hold the companies and to develop the engagement with the customer that could lead to effective loyalty management and also improve the brand image and brand advocacy in the market, and since social media has become a substantial medium for the companies to interact with the customer on timely manage developing the brand advocacy, the absence of such tool in the business strategy of the company posits may threats.

Some of the threats the company face are:

  • Since the customers have become socially interactive and engaging with brand through the social medium, the absence of such medium restricts the company in developing the brand advocacy, which offers the advantage to the competition in developing strong brand position and market awareness.
  • In addition,since there are always dis satisfied customers for a brand, the company with absence of social media lacks the timely management of the complaints, leading to the development of negative reputation in the market.(Bianchi, 2014)
  • Also, since the digital means customer interaction through social media means have become too popular, the organization that lack such connection are perceived to be backwards, and hence effects the positioning and brand image of the company.
  • Apart from these, since social platform has become a mean to interact and engagement with the company.The absence of such platform develops customer dissatisfaction and also leads to spread negative word of mouth use to no platform to share the complaint or query.
  • Also, such absence leads to the inefficiency in attracting new customers, since the customer search for the company or interact with the company through brand advocacy and word of mouth and search for it on social media.(Chi, 2011)

When a customer have a negative experience with the company what are the various way they can use social media to tell others about their experience?

The Dissatisfied customers tends to reach out to the people and other users can share the experience 10 times more than the dissatisfied customer. This is huge, as the 10 new customer perceives the brand from the other lens, and hence eventually it creates a strong ripple effect in the traditional method, the customer used to reach the company either by writing an email or through the customer service help line, and due to no complaint management system, the dissatisfied customers spread the negative word of mouth in the market. (Stern, 2013)

However, with the emergence of social media, the customers are sharing their experience using different platforms on social media, such as: (Steward James, 2014)

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Blogging


Facebook has 2 billion active monthly user in July 2017.This depicts a huge market and flux of customers interacting with each other. The dis satisfied customer reach to the Facebook and write posts on different pages or share with group. This amplifies the effect of that compliant and hence acknowledge worldwide. Effecting the brand image of the organization.

SOCIAL MEDIA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


YouTube is the largest video sharing or video blogging cannel in the world. It nearly generates 1 billion views in the 1 hours with 80% response rate, most of the customer with knowledge technology use the YouTube channel to share their experience with the brand.In doing so, either they give a positive feedback or pinpoints the lacking of the brand.This generates enormous views and often reforms the decision making of the new customers.............

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