Social Entrepreneurship: Kiva Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

After hearing a conversation by Muhammad Yunis, a Bangladeshi economist, about an innovative program to provide loans to beggars, Jessica Jackley Flannery became convinced that microfinance "was the most amazing thing in the universe." In the year 2004 she and her husband, Matt Flannery, went to Africa and instigated arguing how they could donate to microfinance. With eight Ugandan entrepreneurs a pilot Internet trial ran in October 2005.

The couple sent folks on their wedding guest list an email announcing the chance to to give-over the weekend all eight entrepreneurs were fully funded. The couple also sent out and $10,000 was raised in one day. The first person-to-person micro-giving organization had been born. This case illustrate Kiva's operations and introduces the challenge that the organization confronted as it pondered growth.

Social Entrepreneurship Kiva case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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