Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Farming in Indonesia Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

He began Sari Organik as a version farm intended to benefit the local community while serving as an educational centre for small scale farmers in the region and to grow organically with market demands. As he had expected, thirteen years after, the idea wasn't as well adopted. The case provides information on social entrepreneurship, providing a background on Carmi, the surroundings in Ubud, Bali, and Indonesia at large, and discusses some of the challenges the entrepreneur was facing as the founder and owner of Sari Organik farm and also the eatery "Warung Bodag Maliah" (overflowing basket). Prolong and his chief challenge was to replicate other areas of Indonesia and his organic rice farming model across Bali. His initial ideas involved some choices: (a) To use the established village system and its own direction (religious and civil) to reintroduce traditional rice farming culture in Ubud, Bali and eventually Indonesia. (b) To introduce a new version like micro-franchising through which he (the micro-franchiser) would recruit a number of local farmers (micro-franchisees) and supply them with the resources to grow rice organically. (c) To go into a joint venture with the few existing organic rice farmers in the region. (d) To expand his company as a sole proprietor, i.e. buy more property and raise all-natural rice production - this was his least favorite option since it would go against his mission of involving the community. The case may be a good starting point for conversation on the effect of modernization on a traditional society and the function of business in society. Carmi, a native of Israel, attempted to resurrect traditional farming techniques that were more sustainable and healthy. Carmi understood he needed to think of a strategy shortly, and he was open to other viable alternatives for replication and sustenance. 

Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Farming in Indonesia case study solution


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Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Farming in Indonesia

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