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It can be argued that "what business are we really in" the most important issue is the leader might ask about the company. But perhaps that is right up there with the classic Peter Drucker questioning this one: What is your business model? So say the authors, who correctly point out that firms search for forms of competitive advantage - a source of identity, which are durable, hard to copy and valuable in the market - need to look at their management models. That is, they must examine the choices made by top managers in how they define the goals, motivate effort, coordination and allocation of resources. How do they determine the work of governance, in other words. Both authors provide a framework for this discussion - the business model of the company divided into four options - but they give you a list of questions to ask leaders to determine which model of management can be for your business. Obviously, when it comes to management models, one size does not fit all. And it is equally obvious that even a similar size companies in the same industry may choose different models, depending on their particular circumstances. While they chose model is crucial, so too is the process they follow - and thinking they are using -., To select its "Hide
by Julian Birkinshaw, Jules Goddard Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 12 pages . Publication Date: January 1, 2009. Prod. #: SMR307-PDF-ENG

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What is Your Management Model

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