Smartphone Industry in 2013: Samsung’s Dilemma Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Subsequent to years of successin 2013, Samsung, a manufacturing conglomerate located in Korea but with research offices and development departments and factories worldwide, is created as an international powerhouse in the smartphone industry. However success has shown challenges and chances that have to be dealt with as the organization navigates the competitive landscape. Samsung has sold more phones than rivals such as Apple and Nokia and is also a significant player in the ever more popular tablet computer market.

Given the volatility of the business and also the marketplace, in addition to the dynamic relationships between operating systems and suppliers, manufacturers, technology providers, program programmers, Samsung needs to think carefully about its measures that are competitive that are next. Specifically, it's to think about one essential dilemma: should it continue to rely on Google's Android operating system, or should it seriously contemplate an in-house applications ecosystem?

Smartphone Industry in 2013 Samsung's Dilemma case study solution


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Smartphone Industry in 2013: Samsung’s Dilemma

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