Silvercorp Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Silvercorp Case Solution


Silvercorp is a silver-making Canadian mining association with different mines in China. The company started its business at GC wanders in southern China. The company’s vision is to give permission to shareholders by focusing on securing youthful undertakings with resource potential and the ability to end up economically.

Silvercorp Metals Inc. is a Canadian-based essential silver maker with mining, improvement and investigation ventures situated in the China. In the year 2006, Silvercorp had productivity and generated higherdue to the high-review nature of its Ying store and. The organization is traded on an open market on Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada and the New York Stock Exchange in the U.S. Moreover, it is a segment of S&P/TSX Composite and Global Mining Indexes.

Nowadays, Silvercorp is China's biggest essential silver maker and has accomplished a three-year track record of being the lowestcost maker of silver among its industry peers. In Q2/2010 (September 30, 2009), the organization created 1.2 million ounces of silver at an expense of minus $6.33 per ounce. Furthermore, the organization is developing its asset base through persistent investigation of existing tasks as well as it is trying to secure new advanced ventures in various wards. It is one of the metal makers to pay shareholders a profit ($0.02/share quarterly).

In today’s era, the company is phenomenal business sector with long-term growth opportunities as it currently has US $ 79- million in real money with no debt and efficient costing as compared to all other industry competitors


The organization began as a minor traveler exchanging on the TSX wander trade from November 1991 to October 2005 (was consolidated under the Act of the-the British Columbia Company in the year 1991). Previously the company was known as Spokane Resources Ltd until 2001 when it was renamed SKN Resources Ltd. In 2005, the company moved on from the TSX Venture Exchange to the bigger Toronto trade, where it embraced its present name. In 2006, Silvercorp gave RMB1.25 million towards the development of young focus in Luoning County, Henan Province, China.

The company first entered China in 2003 to benefit from the nation's inconceivably underexplored topographical prospective.

In 2004, Silvercorp obtained Ying venture, a smallcreating mine in the Henan territory, and investigation throughout the following two years prompted the revelation of uncommonly high-review silver-lead-zinc mineralization in a large number of restricted veins such as the productive Coeur d'Alene silver region in Idaho, U.S.A. On March 31, 2006, Silvercorp got its first mining license from the Ministry of Labor and Resources and the business creation of silver, lead and zinc from the Ying mine started the following day.

Nowadays, Silvercorp is China's biggest essential silver maker, which generated roughly four million ounces of silver in monetary 2008. Due to low expenses of working in China, alongside the high productivity of a gifted work power, Silvercorp has generated high revenues as compared to its competitors. In the year2008, the organization generatednet benefits of $59.9-million on offers of $108-million, speaking to income of $0.41 per offer. As a demonstration of its productivity and an exhibit of its capacity to repatriate benefits, the organization paid its first yearly profit to shareholders of $0.05 per offer on October 21, 2007.

After its success at Ying mine, Silvercorp gained three close-by mines and merged the local company in 2007. The organization currently has four mining licenses in the Henan area alongside a recently procured advancement venture in the Guangdong territory, which is at present in the mining grant application process............

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