Siemen AG: Global Development Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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SickKids hospital was established in 1972 in Canada. The hospital take cares of sick children of Canada and other countries of the world. SickKids Foundation is from one of the largest Canadian charitable foundations. They take donations to conduct their operations.

Children Miracle Network (CMN) is the largest fund organizer in North America. CMN introduces infrastructures due to which each local hospital can take benefits from fundraising opportunity. Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day is one of the event introduced by CMN. This event encourages Canadian communities to help local kids by purchasing popular Blizzard Treats because proceeds of these treats will be donated to CMN hospitals.

SickKids Foundation is in top 3 childcare foundations in Canada but they face problems in raising funds. Other markets having a low number of stores than Toronto as Toronto raises more funds than SickKids Foundation. To overcome this problem McKinnon’s team member proposed some alternatives to improve fund raising.

Analyses of Alternatives

Reid Proposal

Local businesses will encourage Reid’s proposal because due this proposal their reputation in society will be improved without devoting precious time on it.These local businesses can save time on their core competencies which will further improve their position. Furthermore, by engaging Sick kids to promote Blizzard Treat the foundation can show the true image to the society for which they need the funds hence this will encourage locals to purchase more Blizzard Treats. Moreover, by offering free Blizzard Treats to registered patients and their family locals will become familiar with the event and its purpose which will encourage them to purchase more Blizzard treats.

Although the proposal has many benefits along with them it also has some cons like due to minimal show off of local business in the whole process the society may not know which business participates in the event and hence the anticipated objective of the business remains unattained. This may resist local businesses in participating such events. Furthermore, the Blizzard Treat may have some severe side effects to the sick children.

Siemen AG Global Development Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Rubeski Proposal

Rubeski proposal is based upon the past analysis according to him they should continue the pre-sales process. If the company adopt this proposal than on Miracle Treat day their average fund raising will be approximately$680000 if 100% is donated to them, and if 75% is donated then average fund raising will be approximately $596000. Both of the figures are above from Edmonton raising hence foundation can tackle its problem by adopting this proposal.

Rubeski proposal is purely based on past data,it does not incorporate uncertainties in its like if CMN refused to donate 75% then the result may be worse than the anticipated. Along with this, the estimate reflects the complete figure not the per store figure. If we analyze per store figure, then Edmonton results are more effective than Toronto.

Costello Proposal

According to Costello proposal,SickKids Foundation should promote Miracle Treat Day to the franchise owner instead of promoting Blizzard Treat to customers. Customers are not the main concern of the hospital the main concern of the hospital is donation. So by adopting Costello proposal, the hospital can devote its attention towards the main objective.

But franchise will raise funds through the sale of Blizzard Treats therefore, if SickKids hospital does not enhance customer base of Blizzard Treat then franchises may face difficulties in raising funds.


From these three alternatives, Reid proposal seems more appropriate because this will encourage companies to contribute effectively without any disturbance in their core activities and this will also encourage locals to take part in these kind of activities hence due to increase in customer base the funds at franchisees will also be increased. Furthermore, from Cause related marketing (CRM2) we analyzed that locals of Canada encourage the activity which has a good motive, therefore, there are more chances that this proposal gets more success than any other.

Plan for Developing and Promoting DQ Miracle Treat Day

From the Cause-related marketing (CRM2) we can analyze that 79% of customers can switch the brand if other brands have a good motive behind it. SickKids Foundation should utilize this feature and inform the audience about the motive behind Blizzard Treat. Furthermore, corporations are artificial and richest citizens of the country to fulfill their obligations relates to the country they try to catch the effective opportunities (donation opportunities) so that they can fulfill their corporate social responsibility and enhance their reputation.To encourage corporation for buying Blizzard Treat SickKids Foundation should mention the corporation who buys Blizzard Treat in its annual report because after doing this the corporation will also get something from the donation (improvement in its reputation) and a win-win situation will be created. Along with this, the foundation should also use the technology (internet) for promotion purpose because this is technology oriented era and hence due to this more audience can know the motive behind Blizzard Treat..................

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