Faith And Work: Hobby Lobby And AutoZone Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 Faith And Work: Hobby Lobby And AutoZone Case Solution


Hobby Lobby Company was the famous art and craft company since 1972. It has continued the business with the implication of Biblical principles for the workplace of the organization. It David Green, the CEO, used to place the advertisement in the full-page of the newspaper for advertising the offer. Moreover, Green has made the Sundays closed with the concept that the workers should go to church rather than come to work. Against this concept, he was agreed to lose $100 million that was the sales of the Sundays.

Nonetheless, Hobby Lobby has appeared to the challenge that the Government under the Act of Affordable Care 2010 has announced for the businesses to include contraception coverage in the insurance plan of the employers. This policy of the government was against the religious policy of Hobby Lobby as it was conflicting to the Biblical Principles. Hobby Lobby has filed a lawsuit against the issue. However, the company was recommended to get training of diversity throughout its CEO to lower level management.

Another issue of the employee of the Auto Zone, Inc. contains diversity issue of the organizations. Mahoney Burrough was the employee of Auto Zone, Inc. When he converted his religion to the Sikh, he received the negative response at his workplace. He contacted to the Human Resource Department that tried to help him but finally due to not providing the document for the necessity of the

Problem Identification

Hobby Lobby is based on the Biblical Principles in its workplace. Its CEO Green has established the company as the value of loyalty of the customers and employees and it has also developed the culture of the organization with the religious commitment to the theology of Christian. The company has even been involved in the activities that would promote the religion among its customers and the employees. For instance, it has paid heavily for the advertisement since Eastern season of 1997 that the company offered open communication about learning of Jesus to the person who is interested in learning. For this purpose, Green used to place the advertisement in the full-page of the newspaper for advertising the offer.

Moreover, Green believes that this God's grace on the company that the company has sustained with our practices of implementing religious implications in the working environment of Hobby Lobby. The organization used to remain seven days a week from 9 a. m. to 8 p.m. from its establishment. Despite the fact that Sundays enhances about $100 million sales to Hobby Lobby after the 1990s, Green decided to close the businesses on Sundays because it is the Sabbath day. The business promotes the employees and customers to attract towards the stores of Hobby Lobby hence; they prefer to work rather going towards the church. He considered that God had blessed them ever since.

However, the policy of the company was challenged by Government’s Affordable Care Act 2010 that has imposed to the businesses that the businesses will provide contraception coverage to their workers that will become part of the insurance plan offerings of the employees. Company’s mission and beliefs were in conflict with the policy of the Government.....................

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