Shotgun Wedding: Creating A Leading Czech Bank Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1351 © 2004
Pucik, Vladimir; Ferencikova, Sonia; Francis, Inna; Pahwa, Atul

In June 2000; IPB - the 3rd biggest bank in the Czech Republic - was procured by CSOB; an opponent. Incorporating IPB; which was filled with doubtful offers and bad loans; was hard. The top precedence of CSOB's magnates was to support the bank; stop the operation on deposits and deal with doubtful possessions.

At the corresponding time they needed to ponder on postmerger combination; which needed to take place at numerous levels: combining belongings; line of product; company treatments and innovations; constructing a brand-new organizational architecture; incorporating workers; and creating an organizational society that would place the bank to achieve its tactical objective of ending up being the market leader. The case explains the methods which the management group took on these to effectively browse through the difficulties it dealt with through this time.

Shotgun Wedding Creating A Leading Czech Bank case study solution

Subjects: Merger; Integration; Banking; Finance; Organizational structure; Business architecture; IT Integration; Culture
Settings: Czech Republic; Eastern Europe; Banking; Finance; US$6 billion in assets; June 2000

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Shotgun Wedding: Creating A Leading Czech Bank

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