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Peirsol has reviewed the details about the changes with respect to global aspect to deal with the managers of the global firm considering the ratings of the investment projects. According to global firms, there were 5 types of manager who were involved in the investment projects with due to the good reputation of the firm as well as their strategy to deal in the investment project. These all-firms follow the global equity investment and the company has to invest with upcoming changes of shortlist, which is described by Mercer. The main reason is the grooming of the company in terms of financial health of the company.

The criteria, which was described by Mercer for the selection of the investment candidates are, given in the appendices, which describes the nature of the investment proposal for the investment candidates. Peirsol has assess few things which comes under the notification of the financial health of the company and wants to improve it. These all are the reasons that’s why Parkview has been involved in the different aspects of the investment candidates. On the other hand, the company would gain the knowledge about the circumstances which changes in the environment which concerns the investment opportunity in both aspects, financial and non-financial. Before the valuation of the project, Peirsol also identified the non-financial factors, which are also important in the part of the decision-making.


The basic outcome of the whole shortlist of the investment objectives and policy statement is the decision of the future investment policy with respect to the global equity and their respective parameters of the finance. The company has two investment candidates, the allocation numbers are first and five among all the candidates of the investment; furthermore, the company has the chances to build a portfolio of different classes of the assets concerning the return and their associated risk level. The main aim of the business is to create the optimal structure of the finance with respect to the assets and the obligations of the company. Peirsol has to choose the criteria of the investment judgment that is more appropriate for decision-making.

Reason for Wondering:

The reason is simple that Peirsol is confused in the investment criteria, which is; circulate by the Mercer in the form of shortlist of the investment. He does not know the perfect plan for the investment. This is all the reason, why wondered about.


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Parkview Foundation (Parkview) was established in 1957 to raise endowment funds for medical research. By 2009 Parkview introduce reserves $ 220 million used to finance $ 13 million to $ 15 million in research grants annually. The highlight of the investment strategy and Parkview policy statement (IPS) since 2008, it was decided to merge the United States and the mandate of international capital in a combined global mandate Equity. In October 2009, a financial planner and a member of Parkview investment committee appointed to review the comprehensive report prepared by a professional consulting firm, more "short list" of candidates for the investment manager to be considered for a new global mandate Equity. With the economic events of 2008 and 2009, the weight of heavy, financial planning, wondering how to condense the details of the report before the agreed basis for decision making. "Hide
by Chuck Grace Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 30 pages. Publication Date: April 27, 2010. Prod. #: 910N06-PDF-ENG

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