Sms For Life (B): Living The Implementation Challenges Of A Successful Pilot Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2169 © 2011
Marchand, Donald A.

After effectively finishing the roll-out of the SMS for Life project in 3 health districts in Tanzania, Jim Barrington, previous group CIO of Novartis and Project Director for SMS for Life with Roll-Back Malaria, deals with a number of challenges for executing the project complete scale in Tanzania as well as having other African nations (consisting of Kenya, Ghana, The Democratic Republic of the Congo) embrace the SMS for Life project method. This case covers the implementation efforts of Jim in these nations as well as brand-new challenges he is dealing with as rivals in the pharmaceutical market find out about the project and its usage in handling the supply chains for the personal distribution of drugs in Africa.

2) What can Novartis as a health care business do to assert itself with SMS for Life abilities establishing in both the personal and public distribution of drugs in Africa? 3) What functions should company and IT leaders in Novartis play in making use of what began as a pro bono "industrial social duty" pilot project in the public sector to attain competitive value in Novartis companies? Knowing goals: There are 3 discovering methods and goals to teach this case: 1) to talk about how to lead and handle a successful pilot project into a complete scale roll-out in numerous nations with various stakeholders and money making methods; 2) to contemplate how a project released as a business social obligation effort establishes competitive value in the personal sector and exactly what the chances and trade-offs are for both Novartis and its rivals?

Sms For Life (B) Living The Implementation Challenges Of A Successful Pilot Project case study solution

Subjects: Public-private partnership; Collaboration; Novartis; Malaria; Africa; Innovation; Healthcare; Information management; Supply chain; Stock-outs; Competitive value of social responsibility initiative Settings: Switzerland; Africa ; Phamaceuticals Industry; Telecommunications ; 2010 Revenues of 50.6 bn USD; 418 associates; April 2010-February 2011

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