SG Cowen: New Recruits Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1

What are the dimensions of the recruiting process at SG Cowen?

The investment industry had been going through a period of consolidation. Most of the integrated banking groups like JP Morgan and Citibank, were able to win the businesses from the more traditional companies, as they were multifaceted in their area of business. Organizations have always fought to recruit, retain and develop their talent. They have always invested huge amount of money, to recruit new experienced talent.They have invested in time and the other resources, for recruiting and advertising strategies for attracting the best candidates(Pulakos, 2005).

The recruiting process of SG Cowens has a number of different dimensions. Internally, if we look at the process of managing the talent, then the company always promoted its young employees to other higher positions,also offered them full time employment when these young employees had graduated. Externally, SG Cowens used to recruit the new talent from the college campuses(Hedge, 2003). The company also used to make presentations, at the business schools in the fall season each year. The associates of the company, also conducted informal interviews with the students, in these business schools to test their interest, before conducting a detailed formal interview. The students that showed higher interest were given a chance to visit the company. SG Cowens targeted students that would be loyal to the firm, and they hired those students that were fit for the firm.

SG Cowen New Recruits Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Different team captains were assigned,by SG Cowens at each of the business school.  SG preferred the banking professionals,who were alumni of that school to build a point of contact. The success of SG Cowens had only been realized, when these teams and the captains were able tolook for work like at the Cornell. In 1998, Gregg Schoenberg had joined the company, who was the alumni of the Johnson School of Business at Cornell and a team captain. He had always believed that, the Cornell students had to be more focused and emphasize on taking initiatives,so this turned into a number of other great hires. Along with this, SG Cowens had been successful in recruiting the top talent students, at the non-top 10 campuses like USC and Emory.

Question 2

What are the interviewing and hiring criteria at SG Cowen?

The candidates were judged, based on a number of parameters such as maturity, judgment, commitment to firm, leadership, interpersonal skills, work ethic and technical skills. As SG Cowen is a boutique investment bank therefore, the company emphasized on hiring the individuals for the long term. The company hired three kinds of candidates for the Associate positions. These were summer interns, new outside hires from the business schools and analysts that have complete 3 years at a firm.They did not have any education.

Regarding the hiring process, the company went from campus rounds, to take informal interviews and super Saturday for recruiting the best candidates. The company holds its interviewers responsible for hiring the quality candidates..............

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