Security Planning for the 2004 Democratic National Convention (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When the city of Boston is used to organize the Democratic Party's presidential nominating convention in July 2004, it did so in the hope that this event will bring the city and the prestige and economic benefits. But by the time the convention was to be held, the terrible events of September 11, 2001 and stepped in as the designated "national special security measures", the convention was now subject to tight possible measures to ensure the safety and protection. As a result, the main areas of the city and miles roads were practically closed to permit the convention will be held in the largest indoor arena of sports, and this event gave rise to the complaint, not the applause of the citizens and business owners so. This case tells the story of the planning that preceded the agreement, as federal officials presidential directives to for national security special events, find themselves in order to balance the expectations of civil celebrations with his serious concern over the terrorist threat. Corps is divided into three parts. Part (1807.0) describes the complex process of planning created the U.S. Secret Service, which had overall responsibility for the planning security under the Convention, and disputes between local, state and federal officials about how draconian security measures have been, it focuses in particular on two of the most pressing issues facing planners: whether to close the busy access to public transit and part of a major interstate highway access to Boston from the north. Part B (1808,0) the details of complex negotiations to address these and other security issues; Epilogue (1808,1) is a brief overview of the implementation of the security plan for the Congress. HKS Case Number 1807.0. "Hide
by Esther Scott, Arnold Howitt 24 pages. Publication Date: September 12, 2005. Prod. #: HKS349-PDF-ENG

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Security Planning for the 2004 Democratic National Convention (A)

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