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Health Care Industry

The health care industry around the world is growing due to the increasing economic prosperity and a fluctuating disease profile. The growing population of the world is resulting in a higher demand for health careservices. Nowadays, there are more worldwide challenges related to health care than before. Moreover, these issues can push shareholders to innovative new and effective ways to generate scientific, medical, and care delivery developments in order to improve the health of the people around the world.

Issues in Health Care Industry

The major worldwide issues in the health care industry that navigating the effect of health care modifications in many countries includes, oldage population health problems and increase of prolonged diseases,rising costs and servicequality issues, lack of infrastructure in some countries, lack of research and development, and workers' issues.

The increasing population and the growth in the prolonged diseases are the main issue that the health care industry is facingworldwide that is expected to drive more demands for the healthcare services in establishedas well as in developing countries in coming years. The increasing cost of health care sector is another issue that contributed to several factors. Many countries across the globe are facing a difficult challenge to overcome the speedily increasing cost of health care. These factorsinclude industry consolidation,extended hospital stays,costly biologics and diagnostics and inefficient procedures of the health care services. The higher costs of health care sector do not necessarily result in higher quality and better results even in the some developed countries. In addition to this, in sometimes the major threat to patients is mostly the way health care centers and hospitals treat them.

The inadequate access to health care is another problem that the nations across the globe are facing. As the growing worldwide population means more demand for health care services that various health care systems are not able to deliver to numerous factors that may include workforce shortages, patient locations, higher services cost and infrastructure limitations. Several countries around the world are facing difficulty in order to meet these requirements that directly disturbs the quality of patient care.Furthermore, millions of people lack access to the health care system due to the lack of health care infrastructure in certain countries as well as the out-of-dateaccommodations in both developed and emerging markets. The technology in the Healthcare sector is changing rapidly and in few areas across the globe disrupting the establishment healthcare methods and models.Many health care service providers, even in the developed countries are struggling to acquire and leverage technology innovations as it require high financial investments.

The inabilityof the decision making authorities of the Healthcare sectors to develop an effective and timely strategies is another challenge for the Healthcareindustry. In addition to this, inadequate expertise and the knowledge of the Health care services management, especially in the emerging countries is creating challenges to meet the requirements of the people.

Solutions to issues

In order to overcome the issues in the Healthcare industry, the health care providers need to develop the awareness among the patients about the threats of prolongeddisease and also need to implement the robust programs in order to keep patients on the track. However, to improve the cost and quality, the companies need to focus on providing the value to the patients instead of focusing on the volume. Moreover, the companies also need to introduce cost-containment measures that may include medicine price cuts and control methods, physician incentive models and quality effectiveness methods. This will help the hospitals and health care service are provided to reduce their cost and increase the quality of their services that they provide to their patients.

The health care service providers need to increase their workforce so that the accessibility to the patient locations can enhance. They also need to train their employees to be able to effectively treatthe patients. The companies also need to innovate and adopt latest technologies for their treatment and also in improving their infrastructure as this will help the companies to improve the quality and patient outcomes related to the treatment satisfaction.  The companies can also use electronic health records, e-prescribing and predictive analytic methods in order to better diagnose diseasesand to effectivelytreat patients.

Furthermore, the management of the Health care services also needs to enhance their understanding and knowledge about the Healthcaresector in order to develop the long term growth strategies efficiently.However, they also need to improve their expertiseand skills about  information  of the Health Care Industry.

Implementation Process for solution

The first step in implementing the solutions to the problems involve, the identification of the shareholders as well as their involvement in the Healthcaresector. The second step is that the Health Care needs to develop longer term strategies, and quality improvement programs against the existing policies and priorities as well as the current performance.........................

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