General Electrics Acquisition of Amersham PLC Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In September 2003, Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, to assess the final offer to acquire GE Amersham PLC, a leading manufacturer of contrast agents used in medical diagnosis. Amersham case allows assessment on the basis of equal companies, comparable transactions and the recent history of trade. But the focus on the stability analysis of intellectual property Amersham (IP). On close examination, IP the company's position is weaker than it appears, given the recent patents of competitors. Economic impact of these IP issues can be tested with the leading product of the company, Visipaque, for which the case gives the cash flows. Discounted cash flow analysis shows great sensitivity to the remaining years of effective patent. The main lesson emphasizes the importance of due diligence investigations of the IP position of the company. "Hide
by Paul Simcoe, Robert F. Bruner, Mary Margaret Frank, Mark Goldstein, David Martin Source: Darden School of Business 27 pages. Publication Date: November 3, 2004. Prod. #: UV2528-PDF-ENG

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General Electrics Acquisition of Amersham PLC

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