Schlumberger Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Schlumberger reported revenue of $45.27 billion in 2013. Schlumberger has regional offices in London, Paris, Houston and Hague. Moreover, it is listed on the New York stock exchange with the symbol SLB.

Schlumberger is a technology based company, which is renowned around the world for its unique designs and innovative instruments in order to create solutions for searching and exploring of oil and gas for all the companies working in this industry worldwide. The company currently employs 126,000 employees spreading out to 140 nationalities and it is operating in 85 countries. The company is known for providing products and services with wide range regarding exploration and production within the Oil and Gas industry.

The services and supplies of Schlumberger comprise of evaluation of land with the use of directional drilling if there are traces of oil reserves present from the drilling of the well to cementing and providing consultation regarding drilling and exploration, integrated softwares and IT structures in order to support and conduct the operational process.


The GeoMarket ensure that maximum synergies are attained with the help of Schlumberger’s geoscientists and engineers. In addition, the infrastructure that has been developed by the company has made this possible to provide customers with all the information, data and synergies they require.

Schlumberger operates through GeoMarket regions and the company has set-up multiple GeoMarket throughout the world that divided into 4 regions including: Middle East, Russia, Europe & Africa, Latin America and North America.

The benefit of setting-up GeoMarket structures gives the respondents a position where all the solutions are readily available for the users. Additionally, GeoMarket makes the customization of solutions possible and with regards to the location; the GeoMarket has been setup making it a successful venture for Schlumberger.


Competitive advantages that Schlumberger provides to its customers are as follows,

  • Always on time delivery, with no compromise of quality at anytime and anywhere.
  • Have a strong standing in 85 countries with GeoMarket setup in all four regions of the world with specialization in customizing products regarding each region.
  • The company holds 80 years of experience and knowledge in exploration along with production.
  • The company holds 125 research and engineering technology centres, which indicates that the company is continuously striving towards change and innovation.


From the beginning, Schlumberger has invested lots of time, energy and money towards research and engineering. A total of $1.2 billion was invested in research and engineering in the year 2013 and they continue to do so as a part of their long term strategy.

The company started from a small invention, which was the wire line logging technique to obtain data for oil and gas wells. It was continuous proceeding and striving towards perfection in order to be the market leader, which has led it to its current position.

Today the company holds the position and track record of providing cutting edge exploration and production technology for the oil and gas industry, which leads to efficiencies for companies that are exploring oil and gas.


Products and services provided by Schlumberger are focused on providing minimum damage to the environment, which is conducted through continuous drilling on various locations with the aim to find oil and gas, which leads to high exploration cost for the companies. With the expertise, best practices, technologies and support system of Schlumberger, productivity and efficiencies has increased that is leading to lower cost of exploration and minimum damage to the environment.

In today’s world, Schlumberger holds products that can be used for open-hole and cased hole wireline logging, which holds the complete package drilling and well services along with cementing and sand control but most important is the consulting and interpretation services. It is vital for success that a company should have strong technical and operational support at any position and any point of time. Therefore, this is provided by Schlumberger through, which is an IT tool providing in-depth details and knowledge regarding any problem faced by the client giving real-time information and solutions 24x7 365days of the year.

Schlumberger also holds an integrated information technologies system, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS). This system provides information management and infrastructure services, which helps Schlumberger in providing consultation to its clients that enables them to enhance their work and achieve their goals. This system is a combination of people, technology, infrastructure and real-time value adding solutions to help the clients overcome the problems that they are facing in the field.

Integrated Project management (IPM) is another product of Schlumberger to help its clients achieve maximum post-plateau production and maximum recovery of oil. As companies are facing project that require more and more......................

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