Samuel Colt: An American Gun Maker Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Samuel Colt along with the perfection and patent of a gun technology that without reloading could fire multiple times, he additionally built and utilized the principles of mass production totally than anybody had done before. Weapons manufacture had been entirely dominated by skilled craftsmen until the nineteenth century, like many other industries at that time. However, the families of these craftsmen had the complete expertise in this trade for a long time.

The production was made more uniform through the introduction of specialized machines, which constructed parts to accurate specifications that might fit into any gun of the same type. This substitute also made the replacement and repair easier.  It would revolutionize the manufacturing of other industries and countries, as they will utilize these production principles from Colt’s armory. Furthermore, Colt’s gun linked with American character due to his product, personality, and marketing.

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Samuel Colt: An American Gun Maker

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