Salmones Puyuhuapi: Production Planning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is appropriate for undergraduate, MBA, and MBA Exec crowds but is specifically designed for Decision Analysis and Decision Analysis and Optimization, first year MBA electives. It is related to but separable from "Salmones Puyuhuapi (A)" (UVA-QA-0749).

That A case was about whether to pick salmon early due to the danger of a virus, plus it used a simple approximation for connecting the value of a picked salmon to its live weight. This creation planning case addresses in detail how picked salmon are processed and sold. Here, the plan Elisa Perez develops will determine just how much value Salmones Puyuhuapi reaches from one of the business sites in southern Chile from a day's crop of salmon.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Salmones Puyuhuapi: Production Planning

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