Russia: Revolution and Reform Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The fall of the central government in the Soviet Union in 1991, has entered into a period of revolutionary change to the state, resulting in its path. The leaders of Russia, the successor of the Soviet Union, has since struggled to restore central authority at the same time seeking to avoid further disintegration, a democratic state, and the Institute for Market Economics. The case contrasts the different approaches adopted by the Presidents Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, and concludes with the vision set out the third post-Soviet Russia, President Dmitry Medvedev. The case focuses on the problems of government, financial strength; institutionalization of political parties, the relationship between the federal and provincial governments, the relationship between government and big business, the economic policy.;, And a model of economic development "Hide
by Ravi Abdelal, Soghomon Tarontsi Source: Harvard Business School 45 pages. Publication Date: Mar 09, 2010. Prod. #: 710030-PDF-ENG

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Russia: Revolution and Reform

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