Bonanza International Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bonanza International Case Study Solution

Bonanza International is a food chain in the United States with a variety of products in the market. It has a good reputation in the market, and has many products that were sold throughout the year.  The sales executive of the company gave the hypothesis that position of a product on the Menu board influences the sales of that particular product. So, to test the hypothesis 10 random, but same stores were selected, and product A, and B were placed at the upper right hand corner for four days, and at the lower left hand corner for somedays. The SPSS software was used, and Paired Sample t-test method was used to measure the mean between the variables in one group, and determine the mean before, after and their difference as well. So, the results for the product A is t (9) = 3.456, p < 0.05, and result for the product B t (9) =2.956, p<0.05. These results indicate that there is statically significant relationship between the position of product and sales. So, it can be said that the position of an item on the Menu board influencesits sales. Thus, there is sufficient evidence to reject null hypothesis.


Bonanza International is a chain of fast-foods in the United States like McDonalds, Burger king, and some others. The company has been using amenu board on which all the items that are being offered are listed.It is a good way to convey the information of company’s products to the customers so, they can easily make the best choice.

The menu board is the first thing at which the customer looks for few minutes to come up with the order. It is believed that customer who takes a look at the board card he position his eyes to the right upper corner, and then to left-upper corner, and finally coming down to lower left corner then to lower right corner on the menu board. So, it can be determined that there could be a specific place on the menu board at which customers are more likely to make purchases.

It is a hypothesis that does placing a product on the right upper corner of the menu board would result in higher sales than other products that are placed at different corners and sides.

It is important to understand the relationship between the given data set samples of different menu board items need to be analyzed through various ways to understand the complications and implications.


H0: Position of the menu item on the board does not influence sales.

H1: Position of the menu item on the board influence sales.


Material and Method

The SPSS was used to test the data and variables in the data set. Because, there are two products and both products’ name was listed on the menu board two time at different places. Product A was placed at the right upper corner, and Product B was placed on lower left hand corner.Also, it can be determined that Product A, and product B were placed alternatively on both corners.

The data was collected when both items were listed on the right upper corner, and when both items alternatively were placed on the lower left corner. So, we had the data when product A was on the right upper corner, and on the lower left corner, and similar to the product B. Because, we had the data set of 10 different stores so there are certain complications which need to be understood.

We had before and after data of both products listed on the menu board. The company has been comparing two products at two different situations in which the paired sample T-test is best fit to the situation and available data. Therefore, Paired Sample T-test is best to analyze the data available. See the Data Set of both products in two different positions.

Data Collected from both Positions of both products

Store Sales with item A in

Upper Right-Hand Corner

Sales with item A in

Lower Left-Hand Corner

Sales with item B in

Upper Right-Hand Corner

Sales with item B in

Lower Left-Hand Corner

1 642 485 372 351
2 912 681 334 312
3 221 138 160 136
4 312 237 285 305
5 295 258 271 289
6 775 725 464 430
7 511 553 327 310
8 726 524 642 557
9 476 384 213 215
10 570 529 493 446

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