Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (A) Case Study Solution

Interpersonal Skills:

Rob Parson achieved success due to its sincerity with his work and he has a very good relationship with the customers and has brought many people to the business as well.Rob Parson has dealt with multiple clients in business and all the clients were satisfied with his work and were willing to give more business to the firm. The performance of Rob Parson shows that he possess interpersonal skills as he seems to be a work-oriented and friendly person in nature. Therefore, it could be said that he can maintain good relations with his subordinates and colleagues as well.

Informational Skills:

Rob Parson has performed very well, because of his various abilities that include informational skills as well. He has outstanding skills to find out the gap between the markets and his strategies in order to offer solution that are not only unique and are also innovative.Especially in his fields he has the practical knowledge of dealing with the clients. He possesses informational skills, therefore he has an ability to acknowledge the mission and vision of the company and adapt the culture of Morgan Stanley.

Decisional Skills:

Rob Parson has very strong decisional skills as he has brought the organization from tenth to the third position in the investment market. He used to take decisions by himself, without any help from his seniors and subordinates. However, in the opinion of his colleagues, he rushes towards the decision making without considering to evaluate the facts and figures. Therefore, he could work on his decisional skills in order to get promoted.

Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory

According to the evaluation of Rob Parson, it could be said that in his case, two-factor theory of Herzberg is also present. According to the theory, there are some factors that result in job satisfaction, whereas, there are some factors that result in job dissatisfaction. Based on the analysis, it could be said that for Rob Parson, the job satisfaction factor is his achievements and further growth opportunities. However, the organizational culture (teamwork and dignity) could be considered as a dissatisfaction factor for Rob Parson. Although he has a friendly nature, he cannot be bounded with rules and regulations.

Suggested Solutions

Do not Promote Rob Parson

on the basis of evaluation, it is recommended that promotion is not a good decision to take right now, as Paul can’t take decision only on the performance base of the employees. After taking into account the leadership role, the feedback of new 360-degree approach are not in the favor of Rob, because he does not have good terms with his co-workers, which can cause friction between Rob and employees, and their personal conflicts would affect the business activities. Paul needs to consider the firm’s reputation and values before promoting Rob, which can cause conflict between the internal management and the whole firm could suffer because of this decision. With the decision of postponing Rob’s promotion the company’s image in the market would be brighter and for the management, it would be a clear message that if a person does not respect his working environment and basic cultural values of the firm then the firm cannot allow him to sit on respective position.

Promote Rob Parson

It is recommended to Paul Nasr that, he should recommend Rob Parson for promotion because of his outstanding performance that results in an increase in significant revenues of the organization. Furthermore, not every employee could be evaluated on the same performance measure. Every individual possesses different personality traits, therefore Paul is recommended to promote Rob Parson.


On the basis of evaluations, it is recommended to Paul Nasr that he should terminate the promotion decision of Rob Parson this year, which would set an example for other employees to follow rules and regulation sinside the organization and in the external market as well. Paul Nasr should introduce a training and development program that can help the employees’ behavior for those who are willing to adjust themselves according to the company’s ethical principles and work environment. Paul needs to convince Rob as well because delay in promotion could affect his performance. Secondly, Paul can assign some team-based tasks to the employees in which they will be rewarded on the basis of team effort that can boost team working skills and more effective communication. He can encourage Rob to participate more in team-based tasks and ask his team members to fully co-operate with him as management is trying to improve Rob’s behavior and teamwork skills.


Overall, Paul Nasr is offering his services as Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and going through a tough situation of taking the decision about his employee Rob Parson that have shown outstanding performance and has great abilities and potentials. The recent feedback from Rob’s subordinates and seniors doesn’t seem good, they are complaining about his attitude, behavior and team working skills. Paul is actually worried about the consequences of the decision that he could face if he promotes him to the managing director’s position. On the basis of the evaluation of Rob Parson, it is recommended to Paul that he should not promote Rob Parson at this stage…………….


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