Case Analysis: Clorox Company: Leveraging Green for Growth Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case Analysis: Clorox Company: Leveraging Green for Growth Case Solution


Clorox is an American based organization, which sells its goods through mass merchants and retailers. The enterprise has a large variety of its cleansing and bleaching brands. The company is also focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and investing a substantial amount among its CSR activities. Moreover, the company’s top management believes that the reason behind the firm’s growth is the sustainability activities and working as a socially responsible company.

    The firm has a broad range of brands for households and these brands include Namesake bleach and cleaning products, green work naturally derived cleaning products, Aydin and Poet home care products.Moreover, the company has an unyielding brand recognition and market position as the regions in which the corporation is working are following a trend that the consumer only buys those companies’ products which are developing environment-friendly operations and are investing in CSR activities. On the other hand,the company was investing heavily in the CSR activities, however the company was facing some problems regarding its brands.

Problem Statement

    There were numerous issues which the company was facing in its arena. Moreover, these questions had a variety of dimensions as these matters were not particularly regarding the brands however,there were some more dimensions which were creating hurdles for the company.

    The central problem which the company’s brands were facing was the trend which showed that there were numerous customers, which indicated a high demand for sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This meantthat the clients were willing to buy only those companies’products, which ensured environmental sustainability and CSR. Furthermore, the company was following a defensive spending strategy on its brands including Clorox Bleach, Pine Sol and Formula 409. However, this approach was the opposite of the external environment. Therefore, it could be said that thisis a major threat which was disturbing the brand strategy.

    Moreover, the economy was facing a downturn due to which every customer was willing to buy cheaper products in good quality. This was considered as a driver of change for the whole industry as during this downturn every company had to reduce its prices to retain and maintain its customer base.Apart from this, the company’s cleaning brands were facing another problem that there was a perception which was created in consumers’ mind that the cleaning products of the company contained a high amount of harmful chemicals which harms human skin. Finally, the company had numerous challenges ahead to deal with as the company had to remove this perception as well as the company had to decide whether to invest heavily or not in CSR activities and in environment sustainability.

Sources of Brand Equity

    As far as the brand recognition is concerned, the company has made a strong market and brand recognition by giving consistently high-quality offerings. Moreover, the company attracts customers to purchase its products through its active Push and Pull strategy. In addition to this, the company makes brand awareness through TVCs, print media and other indirect strategies. Furthermore, the customers of the company see it as the most effective and efficient own and cleaning solution providers. Finally, all these factors have built an effective brand position of the company.

Brand Positioning

As far as the target market of the company is concerned, the company is targeting women who want to keep their house neat and clean. Therefore, the target market of the company is the household and women who wish to buy high quality and chemical free products. Moreover, the company is also focusing on delivering superior quality products within reasonable price range.....................

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