Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1

Assessment of Rob Parson performance

The performance of Rob Parson is excellent with regard to his contribution in making the Morgan Stanley gain in its reputation and revenues. Prior to the Rob Parson the firm had been ranked tenth in the market and the market share was 2%. Rob Parson’s success starts from securing first time business with more than ten clients had secured major deals with existing clients and were generating substantial revenues for his desk. Morgan has now established third rank position with the market share increasing by 20% and is now 22%.

            Rob Parson has extraordinary knowledge of the capital markets and potential clients in the market. On the other hand Morgan has done little in the capital markets business even with its most important business investment clients, this potential gap and a big opportunity were exploited by Rob Parson. The clients of the capital markets love and admire Rob Parson due to its extraordinary talent in the market, his client in all over the world meet him when they come into New York and have a dinner with him, due to the attractive and trustworthy personality of Rob Parson Morgan can get benefit from him.

            Rob Parson has quality to invent needs of the customer, this means if a customer is ina position where something is impossible for him in front of him it is Rob Parson, who establishes and informs that customer that you can fulfill your needs in this way and make even customer astonished.

Question 2

Evaluation and Development Summary

Evaluation themes

Strengths                                                                                Comments                             

Experience                                          Rob Parson has ten years of experience in banking                      and insurance industries.

Knowledge                                         Rob Parson has very extensive knowledge of the capital market.

Customer knowledge                          Rob Parson has potential knowledge of the customer in the capital market.

Design the customer needs                 Rob Parson has unique quality to define the customer how he can fulfill his needs.

Development areas                                                                     Comments                           

Capital markets                                   Margon  can exploit the knowledge of the Rob Parson to focus and improve in the capital markets, as he has proved by growing the market share of the firm.

 Performance objectives for next year:

Business goals

  • Market share target
  • Revenue growth
  • Increase in customer base
  • Securing deals with existing customer left

Professional development goals

  • Trainings attended
  • New qualifications gained

Career goals

  • To work in different region market research
  • To gain knowledge of potential clients in another market region and make them firm’s customer.

Question 3

If I were Paul Nasr, I think I would have gone with the same method of performance appraisal conversation which I generally call the bit harsh-bit polite approach. It is true that complains were coming and colleagues were not happy with Rob’s behave and way of doing work, but at that stage I being a head of the department could not scold the person who is performing perfectly well. If I do so then it is more likely that Rob would get discouraged and feel that his work is not being appreciated. So he might not then perform the way he used to do before and this ultimately hurt the business. The ultimate goal of adopting this approach is to get the person retained and get the work done with no any further queries and inconveniences.

It is not always good to raise the issues that directly relates to the employee because of whom the issues have been incurred, because this discourages the employee. I would have rather relate the results of those issues with the loss of company and try to tell the employee the other ways through which the problems can be solved. But along with this you should appreciate his/her efforts and then tell him/her the better way to perform any task which ultimately benefits the company.

Question 4

If I were Rob Parson, I would have mold my nature and personality according to the culture and environment of the company rather than refusing to be adjusted with the company’s culture, rules and regulations and policies and procedures because when you are hired by any company you then become part of it. In other words, company owns you and pays you so you are entitled to follow whatever company orders/says. Company is like a family where you are entitled to obey the rules and regulations and specifically what company demands you. You need be organization fit person along with job fit person..........................

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