Response to Post Discussion 1 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Response to Post Discussion 1

(Victoria Ikoro)

Therisk factors, which trigger asthma attacks in asthma patients, are many. Are the risk factors as highlighted in the discussion post the only risk factors triggering the asthma attacks? However, there seem to be a range of other risk factors also that might cause asthma attacks in patients. These could include exercise, viral or respiratory infections, and tobacco smoked, occupational irritants, drugs, chemical irritants and also strong emotional expressions(Directors, 2011).

The asthma patients need to be active regarding their chronic disease and they need to understand the fact that asthma attacks are episodic therefore, the patients who are having this disease should not consider this as a cause for shame because there are many people and celebrities around the world who live a successful life by dealing and managing this disease(Directors, 2011).

The discussion post states that the asthma patients need to form a partnership with the asthma diseases however, the partnership relationship should also include the health care team which would provide the required medication to the patient at the right time.

The discussion post highlights the general actions that should be taken by the asthma patients in order to self managethe asthma attacks however, specifically, it is recommended for asthma patients to follow a step wise approach to deal with their asthma problem and they should maintain complete control of asthma based upon pharmacologic treatment in order to avoid the adverse side effects, take a safety treatment and reduce the costs associated with this treatment(Directors, 2011).....................

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