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Sealed Air Corporation has been using it central approach for managing its global operations and it continuously keeps rotating its staff from one country to another country for the management of its team members. However, instead of directly appointing an employee from one country to another will involve the relocation candidate from one culture to another culture that might be totally different from the previous one and when the manager joins a different culture, heprobably fails to understand the norms of local culture and traditional values of the society which are the principles on which the people of that specific country conduct their activities relating to their personal and business lives. Therefore, the human resource of US headquarter should try to give initial orientation to the candidates before rotating them to other regions, so that they have the clear vision of the prospect'scountries' culture, which will enable the individual dealing with the local management other employees.

Further, the selection of Randy Chou, from the existing sales team did not proved to be successful decision.However, Kayser took this decision in the view that he is a local resident and is familiar with the Chinese culture and traditional values, still Chou could not achieve the desired results as expected by Kayser. However, the selection of sales manager of the existing team was not a good decision, because the Chinese people give respect to the superior and Chou was one of the team members, hence, he was not perceived by the team members as a superior, therefore, he failed to influence the previous coworkers. However, Kayser should have selected an experienced sales manager from Chinese local residents, so that the newly hired sales manager can be given importance by the other sales staff due to the designation of sales manager.

Learning Outcomes of theCase

The analysis of the case and findings give the idea of managing international business, because going international would mean that business has to deal with the people from various cultures and traditions that they have been following since long. Further, the conduct of business in different cultures will require understanding of the local culture, before the business is launched in that country. Meanwhile, when a company has reached the maximum parts of its country and is looking forward to expand its operations into other parts of the world in search of growth, this will imply that the current corporate culture of the business is totally based on the corporate and social culture of the home country. Therefore, when that company enters into the global market, then it has to mold its policies and standards that govern the conduct of its business in accordance with the target countries local culture and values.

Meanwhile, companies often try to use its headquarters in order to control the global operations so that the cost savings can be achieved through the elimination of duplicate business function in each location such as the human resource service. However, since the local culture of each country varies and the hiring practices are in line with the local cultures, therefore, companies have to include such policies that are required by the different cultures, such as the Chinese people required detailed orientation and guidelines in order to understand and perform their duties and obligations. Further, while selecting the human resource for an international business, companies have to consider not only the candidate’s understanding of the local culture, but also the ability of candidate in managing the business operations.

Specific Question and their Answers:

Question1) (a) What is the corporate international business strategy for Sealed Air? Does the IHRM approach SAT adopt have a good fit with it?

Answer1) (a)

Sealed Air, as a group has expanded its operations outside of the United States and after years of successful operations within the US, it had started to target the international market, in order to sell the successful product in other parts of the world. However, as part of its corporate international business strategy, Sealed Air Corporation has expanded its operations into 25 countries including Western Europe, Canada, Japan and Asia region. Further, with its corporate international business strategy, Sealed Air has 57 plants 4,200 employees around the world.

Additionally, due to its international business strategy Sealed Air’s international revenues account for 39% of its total revenues, meanwhile, Sealed Air Corporation future strategy for its international business is to achieve 50% of the revenue from its international operations.The international human resource management approach of Sealed Air is that it keeps rotating the managers from one country to another in order to meet human resource needs of its operations in different countries.............................

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