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RIM should elect to continue to compete in the current smart phone market. They should take a set of specific actions to attempt to maximize mass market consumer share. (Name these actions.)

The biggest reason behind the failure of the RIM is that the company spent heavily to justify their existing products and Smartphones philosophy instead of understanding and getting ahead of the changing trends of the industry. Its key competitors, iPhone, Google and Nokia have changed their strategies of doing business with the passage of time in order to stay in the competition, while RIM tried to stick with their existing products to seek success. Although, RIM’s popular product was under the brand name of Blackberry based on the company’s Blackberry Operating System (OS) which enjoyed great success, however, the company should understand that things had changed now. At the time, when RIM released its Blackberry products (2003) there was no such competition from other companies such as Google’s android launched in 2008 and iPhone’s OS in 2007. This increased competition for the RIM’s OS, but unfortunately, RIM had not sensed the need for change.

The current smartphone market is fertile enough and there are a number of brands that are performing well by utilizing smart strategies, for example, Samsung has built a strong brand image in this market, while it is using android platform for its products. This means, apart from the differences in the OS, the Smartphone users are also considering the features, user friendliness, sophistication, apps, storage, software support, etc. RIM should decide to continue to compete in the current Smartphone market by making certain changes in their strategies. So as to stay focused, RIM needs to reevaluate its products and design a better than ever cell phone under the Blackberry brand name, subsequently modernizing the line with a new and competent OS. It must enhance the style and quality to be stimulating, practical and additionally being less demanding to use with a specific end goal to expand user’s fulfillment levels. It must expand upon its present qualities (security, proficiency, and messaging platform) and should take advantage of the weaknesses of the competitor's OS to become appealing to their previous target market. With a new and more defined OS, RIM would be able to enter to a new segment to target youngsters while keeping its business customers. This would also allow its previous users who loved Blackberry’s products for its efficiency but at the same time were also eager to have the entertainment features that were offered by other developers...............

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