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Answer 1(a)

The market of sports equipment product as a whole is a multi-billion dollars industry. As per the analysis of the industry it is identified that the retail sales for sports equipment has reached to $45.8 billion in 2015 and it is also expected that the growth of sport product will be increased with CAGR up to 3.5% in 2015-2020. The key drivers which increases the growth of sport product in retail industry are disposable income, increase in number of health conscious people and government promoting and encouraging sport activities. While the experts estimated that the sport industry is going to be increasing annually by 3% and the consumption of the personal sports equipment will also increase to 5% as the economic condition of the international companies are going to be stablized after the uncertain period of recession. Therefore, experts forecasted that the growth of the industry is based on the economic trends of the country as how effective and efficiently the entire economy works.

The Asian and western countries of the world wants to become the leading region for providing sport equipment product as it directly improves the living standards and disposable income. The retail industry of sports equipment is extremely isolated and different and this is due to the increase in sports activities, living standards of the peoples, disposable income and demographic regions. Therefore, the retail industry of sporting goods includes the product charting of leading supplier, key drivers, evolving trends, growth opportunities and market trends.

The organization needs to focus on its planning process because it is necessary for the organization to first analyze the key indicators that could be used before shaping a store in other region. While organization needs to first identify its target market where it interested to open its store and also analyze that the store which they are going to open in particular segment whether it meets the demand of the customers or not. Therefore, having understanding about the demographics, target market, and geographical region is very imperative before modelling the store. The organization would also use the Qualitative research technique to analyze the target segment as it helps the organization to understand the preference of the customers.

However, the online stores demand has increasing rapidly as it’s a more convenient way of doing business in which all sort of products and services are available online for customers. Therefore, the main objective of providing online services is to create value for customers and to provide luxuries items at low price as compared to market price which attract the customers to buy online.

Answer 1(b)

  The customers’ interaction towards the products/services are very imperative. One of the research shows that in sports industry most of the customers who make the purchases are not the real buyers of the products as they are the academies, parents, coaches, team managers who make the purchase. Moreover, those customers who use it but not make purchases from the industry they are not aware of the product features and specifications. However, in online stores the companies provide detailed information about the product quality, features and specification that attract the customers to make purchases as per their requirements.

In sporting goods industry those customers who purchase the items will have more guidance and technical knowledge of the product design, features as compared to those who use it. Moreover, those customers who made the purchases created less interaction with the products as they already had the information about the specification of the products. However those customers who did not purchase the product need additional guidance and technical knowledge about the products.

 In online stores the customer needs more interaction with the product as they need to evaluate the product features which meets its requirement. Therefore, in order to create the customer interaction towards the product the online stores provides detail information about the product that makes the customer satisfied...................

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