American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now Case Solution  

Viability of e-mail communication

E-mail became the breakthrough innovation in the world of technology healthcare. With 74 percent-respondents preferring to use the e-mail as a medium of communication, but the conversion rate was only 4 percent because of the reason that the services were not offered. The use of the online communication among the physicians and doctors is on rise, and the physicians and doctors who communicated to the patients online, increased from 23 percent to 36 percent. The increased prevalence of the online communication is hindered by the dicey mindset that it tends to increase the workload and the service not being covered under the insurance, due to which the e-mail doc proved to be unsuccessful or unproven. Additionally, the spark of the online-doc dies with the HIPAA issues, bringing-security and privacy concerns of the patients’ information.(Arnold, 2018).


Product development

One of the alternatives presented to the company is product development, i.e. Team Edition that would revolutionize the interaction between the physicians and doctors. It would also improve the quality of care and resolve the medical problems, before further complication arise. It would relieve the medical licensing barrier as well, which most of the states have put in place. Though, the government limited the access of residents to doctors who were licensed to practice in their own states, PCPs would be free to consult about their patients with physicians and specialist from anywhere in the US. It would also leverage the existing technology platform of the company, driving value to the shareholders and leading the company towards achieving its growth objectives.

Expansion of delivery networks

By exploiting the delivery networks, such as: chains of health clinics and hospitals; the company would be able to achieve the objectives of cost efficiencies, enabling itself to offer better and value added customer service and to increase its revenues.

Additionally, the company could install Online Care Kiosk in emergency rooms of the hospitals, which would allow the patients to consult with physician online in waiting area, while waiting to be checked by the physician. The visits of the patients could be expedited and the overall efficiency of the hospital would be improved. Beyond the capability of balancing the loads across facilities; the excess capacity of the physicians could be leveraged using online care in the hospitals located in low demand geographic areas.

The company could also install Online Care Kiosk in retail chains.Providing an access to physicians through online service would help the American Well in boosting the perception of the legitimization of the retail clinics among the public. Pharmacy chains present another opportunity of expanding the customers as the pharmacists tend to provide significant expertise on prescription-medicine usage, dangerous drug-combination, potential side effects and other valuable information. The pharmacists could also use the online healthcare platform and ease the patients by answering their frequently asked questions at the place and time of their choice.

International expansion

Another mean of growing the business is to exploit the opportunities of expanding the business operations in international markets, such as: the UK, Germany and Australia. But, these types of growth opportunities would create challenges for the company, in terms of extensive change requirements in the organizational structure and the requirement of tailoring the services to each individual market as online transfer of health information and government regulations vary from one country to another.

New venture

Starting a new venture would create new revenues streams for the company, but it would also require a significant marketing investment as well as divert resources from the US health insurance market. Additionally, by targeting the insurance service markets; the company would be able to enjoy considerable benefits, such as:reduced complications of payments, scheduling the appointments, and coordination between the patients and hospitals.......................

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