Regional Development in the Chinese Mainland Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Economic growth in China has become one of the most important stories in the world economy, as China's economy became open to the world in 1979. However, this growth was not evenly distributed across all regions of China. By 2003, some regions have emerged as clear leaders in economic development, while the others stayed behind. Various forces also prevent the People's Republic of China on a single national market, 1.3 billion people, and the national economy was perhaps best described as a collection of linked regional markets. Politically, China was not a monolith either. Competition between regions and between jurisdictions were played in the corridors of power in Beijing, as well as in the regions themselves, as places vied for investment and market position. Understanding of Chinese regional economy has become almost a prerequisite for the success of economic policy and business strategy in China. "Hide
by Michael Enright, Vincent Mak Source: University of Hong Kong, 19 pages. Publication Date: May 12, 2004. Prod. #: HKU321-PDF-ENG

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Regional Development in the Chinese Mainland

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