Singapores Public Enterprises Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Singapore has experienced exceptional economic success, raising her own from the third world to the first world in less than four decades. In addition, state-owned enterprises have been a key tool for economic growth of Singapore and not an obstacle, which they so often and in other developing countries. By 2004, however, Singapore rethinking the role of its state-owned enterprises in part because its economic growth is slowing, and the strategy seemed to be faltering. Critics are concerned that the state-owned enterprises were simply not nimble enough to keep up in an increasingly competitive global economy, while advocates argue that small countries like Singapore can not afford to rely on private companies to make strategic investments it is necessary to remain competitive. Debate in Singapore raised an interesting question for other countries. HKS Case Number 1817.0 "Hide
by Jose Gomez-Ibanez 18 pages. Publication Date: November 14, 2005. Prod. #: HKS236-PDF-ENG

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Singapores Public Enterprises

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