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Reflection Essay

Corporate strategy in international world

Corporate strategy is designed or formulated to identify the direction of the company where the company decides the ways or business operations which help in achieving particular goals. The corporate strategy in the international world means how the company will actually enter the international or the global market. There are different ways to enter in different cultures. For example, some culture or the markets are price sensitive, whereas some people are conscious about the quality. Therefore, it is necessary for a company to identify its target market and the potential in the market, which helps the company devise the corporate strategy for the international world (Kotler, 2009).

International Execution and Business Process Review

International execution and business process review is all about how the company executes the strategy, itdevelopers to enter the market. It explains and helps the company in formulating a specific business model that eventually helps organization in business process review. The process explains the strategic goals of the company in a sound and effective manner.

Market brands in the global marketplace

Once the company enters a global market, the next step it has to look after being the fact how the company will actually sell the brand in the global marketplace. Under the concept of marketing the brand in global market, companies should look to install the key drivers of Global Marketing Effectiveness which include the connection, inspiration, focus, organize and build. If the company manages the above discussed key drivers it can actually market the brand in the global market with a lot more conviction and effectiveness (Kotler, 2009).Along with the prescribed methods, companies even have to find certain specific ways to market the brand in the global market, which are formed as per the industry geographic and cultural affect.

Marketing in the international arena

Marketing in the international arena is basically the study of various external forces and how they affect the business. These factors are generally studied and analyzed through PESTEL analysis and the Porter Five Forces model which helps in identifying all the threats and opportunities within the market. The social aspect and political, legal implications are also identified through the different models. This basically helps the company in developing specific methods in marketing the brand to the new market, which is not accustomed to the products offered by the company (Schlesinger, 2001).

Law and ethics

It basically relates to various factors that affect a business in a legal or ethical manner. When a company operates in the domestic market it does not encounter the types of issues it faces in the international market. Domestic issues are less severe and can be gauged through a systematic channel. Once a company enters an international marketer is having to look after other issues too. This includes the change in taste preference, price sensitive market attributes, health concerns, taste preference vary in different countries. These are some of the issues a company face in an ethical and legal environment (Gale, 1994).

Global Dimension

The global dimensions are to develop a strategy where the corporation looks to achieve maximum local responsiveness by offering customized products for different national conditions. Under global dimension the company offers certain specific goods and products that cater the needs to a specific market. This helps a new company penetrate in the new market with utmost ease because customer liking is preferred over company interest (Goldstein, 2005).

Personal Reflection

In my personal opinion, global dimensions can help me to identify the needs of certain markets professionally. For example, Dove soap is a popular and renowned brand in Western market because it has the oily texture to it. However, the brand is a flop in Asian markets because of the high percentage of humidity in this part of the world. Dove does not work effectively, this is my personal research that when I will become a part of a global company I will ensure that while entering a specific market we need to keep the industry requirements aligned with the company goals.

The course has made me understand quite a few marketing and branding techniques that can help me in understanding the corporate strategy of the international world. For example, in professional life, one can say that developing a sound corporate strategy is a necessity to ensure the success of your brand. In personal life, it can make the certain products cater needs of different ethnic group. Personally, if a product is not a healthy item in a certain market it can make the person effect his health too. For instance, in a personal point of view, cultural and religious values should be prioritized so that a person does not feel hurt with any decision making or decision of the company.

A company is there to serve .................

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