Schlumberger Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The most important among all the technologies that Schlumberger holds is the exploration field is the reservoir imaging, monitoring and development services that are conducted by WesternGeco.

WesternGeco holds the most extensive data processing system and crew along with the world’s largest multi-client seismic library. This technology can be used to create 3D and 4D seismic surveys and multi-component surveys. These surveys are used to find where oil and gas reservoirs are present and where they not present so that the drilling can be done with accuracy.

This technology is fully equipped to conduct surveys on land, under deep and shallow water. In addition, this technology is just an example of the leadership that the company holds in research and development in this field.

The solution produced by this technology includes Q-technology, which provides advanced reservoir monitoring and characterization. Moreover, this technology has set new standards in the seismic solution field.

Omega Seismic Process System is also held by the company, which holds the most advanced algorithms running on multi-platform technology that provides solutions to the most difficult of the projects held by the clients.


Schlumberger works in a field that has always been full of criticism for its health code and safety policies but Schlumberger has set high standards of health and safety to change the mindset.

The kind of tasks and jobs Schlumberger has to perform requires work to be conducted in difficult and challenging environments to avoid any misconduct and mishap. Additionally, highest standards of health and safety policies are put into action for the employees, suppliers and customers along with the focus on reducing environmental damage.

Schlumberger’s long term success is based and depended on the company’s ability to make sure that the health and safety of the employees is not compromised as the line of work in which the staff of the company is engaged is of high value as it puts them at risk, which means that ultimately the reputation of the entire company is at risk.

The standards are set and implemented throughout the company. Training and development seminars are provided to each employee in order to ensure that they have up to date certificates regarding health and safety.


Norway is known to be the hub of oil and gas with multiple fields; some have been discovered and some are yet to be discovered but having such a rich market does not mean it can be easily exploited; the working conditions in Norway are not suitable for every company. Norway holds the highest hourly compensation cost in manufacturing in US dollar, which currently stands at $64 per hour compared to $35 in US and $30 in UK, which is almost double that makes it very difficult and almost impossible for most companies to operate in such a market.

Schlumberger was able to provide the solution for such a dilemma with its use of innovative technology and knowledge of offshore commons; it was able to consult many companies on how to regulate their operations to enhance their efficiencies in order to operate in the Norway market.


The Schlumberger Norway Technology Center (SNTC) is the base for Petrol and Ocean softwares and it is also know to be the standard setter for Geology and Geophysics.

The operations of SNTC include formation and development of innovative software applications for companies in order to conduct their tasks of oil and gas explorations, appraisal, evaluation and production with utmost efficiencies. The company’s tasks comprises of technical documentations and quality assurance through software engineering and customer support.

SNTC operates in three cities Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen with the focus on developing integrated applications. The development of this software is done quickly while keeping the following things in mind,

  • Within Bergen, a specialized Petrol platform team is set whose task is to develop applications regarding drilling and developing customer software solutions.
  • Within Stavanger, a team of dedicated individuals focus on engineering geophysical interpretation systems and developing geophysics software used within the petrol platform and also used in the high-end visualization tools.
  • Within Oslo, the Capital of Norway, a dedicated team focuses on developing Petrol platform infrastructure that also includes global build service. Further, there is also the Ocean framework engineering team as well as the geological modelling, drilling and exploration decision support team, all these teams are based in Oslo..........................

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