Recycling Plant for the region of Tabuk Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The proposed project is the initiation of recycling plant in the city of Tabuk. Tabuk is acity in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the report is that it has the complete business proposal for the recycling plan.

This business report involves all the information and process planning, financials and scope of the business and management involved in the recycling business with their work designation along with the project management WBS diagram. Although the proposed report involve most of the parts however it requires more research as depth analysis will reduce the risk involve in the business plan. The proposed business plan is almost ready and most of the investor can be attracted by showing the proposed business plan.

The proposed business plan for recycling business is not only profitable but also it will reduce the environment pollution of the city of Tabuk. Moreover, it will reduce the global warming effects as well.

Background of Recycling Business

The recycling business is one of the profitable businesses and can continuously operate with the involvement of 12 employees and the single manager. The Recycling business is not ahigh profitable business currently and it requires lot of investment in the installation of the recycling plant and therefore, the owner of the business has to raise debt in order to maintain the recycling plant. Nonetheless, recycling business has the opportunity to increase the profit in future.

The major problem which is faced by the recycling business is that existing landfill site will fill faster without the process of recycling in the business and therefore, eventually cost will be higher with respect to environment.

Objectives of the recycling plant

The objective of the recycling plant is straight forward and well defined. The core objective of the business is that it will develop a recycling plant through which environment can be sustained and refined from the waste material.

To develop a well-managed recycling plant with the efficient project management team.

To ensure that in the city of Tabuk recycling is sustainable and pleasant.

To minimize the waste material from the city of Tabuk

To create employment for the people of Tabuk

To investigate the options for the processing of recycle and add value to the recycling products of the company

To raise awareness to make the city clean and green

To address the huge problem of irresponsible waste management

To utilize waste to its fullest in many ways as possible

To create a clean and healthy environment free of litter

To look at waste as a resource this can be used by the community and society

Recycling Plant for the region of Tabuk Case Solution

Product to recycle

The recycling plant will recycle all waste material including plastic, paper, aluminum tins and plastic bottles. There are lots of different products which are recycled in Saudi Arabia as well as around the world. Some of the products are recycled in the city of Tabuk. Following is the list of products which are considered for the recycling process and the following product will recycle in the new recycling plant located in the city of Tabuk.

Products Price Estimated annual income Price * tones
Card board 111.6 1000 111600
Plastic bottles 62 500 31000
Plastic Packages 62 200 12400
Tins 155 150 23250
Paper 217 500 108500
Revenue in (Riyal) 286750

(larimer, 2015)

Proposed project

Project 1:

The first proposed project for the recycling process is that the recycling plant gathers all the waste material from the city of Tabuk. The company makes the contractual agreement between the waste collection and recycling plant. It means that it outsourced the recycling plant and gathered only waste material from the city of Tabuk.

Proposed Project 2:

The second proposed project for the recycling plant is that its make the complete recycling production plant and through it, it completes the overall process of recycling.

Project Charter

Recycling Plant for the Region of TABUK   Recycling plant
Collection of waste material and recycle it with the new technology in order to make the used material usable for the citizen of Tabuk as well as around the globe. IN SCOPE IN SCOPE OUT OF SCOPE
Waste collection Raise awareness
Recycle the waste
Proposed recycling plan Human resource management team
Approved recycling process Training/orientation complete
Finalized budget Standard work and reporting finalized
Finalized job descriptions
Managers assigned on job
Finalize production process 20 days ACTIONS/MILESTONES Target days
Finalize and approve budget 15 days Develop recycling process chart 20 days
human resource management team 20 days Approval of Recycling plant and organization structure 15 days
Hire manager 25 days Team job descriptions approved and handed off 20 days
Staff remaining positions 15 days Manager job posted internally 10 days
hired managers 25 days
TEAM MEMBERS Manager postings 2 days
Staff interviews and hiring decisions 10 days
Managing Director 1 Staff positions filled 15 days
Dump site Manager 2 Training/orientation complete, team's role integrated into Milestone proc. 3 days
LDV Driver 1
Forklift Driver 1
Tractor Driver 1 FINANCIALS
Sorters 8 the recycling plant reduce the wastage of Tabuk and the recycling product will send in the market in order to generate revenue Ongoing monthly expenses: 70,000 Riyal
General labor/cleaners 4
The end-user feedback team will need a highly experienced leader who will work very well with recycling process and he end-user customers.  Filling the leader position with the right individual is critical to the new organization's success.
70,000 Riyal monthly budget

Scope of the Project

The scope of the product includes the operational as well as financial plan of the recycling plant.............

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