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Recruitment method Case Solution 

Recruitment process begins when there is a need for a new person in an organization. The need can occur due to a new position to work in an organization or the person responsible for work left. After we have analyzed the job requirements and came up with a perfect job description and job specification, then we are in a position to take the analysis to a further level by making an effective recruitment plan. There are enormous recruitment plans, which are used to get the perfect people. We choose a plan by effectively utilizing our sources and aim to get the best candidate for the job.

After job description, the next step is to advertise job vacancy. Before moving to next step, there is a need of choosing the effective method for recruitment. The priority for recruitment process is to get the best candidate in low cost and by spending less time. A combination of use of media and referral method will be used to get access to broader views. The merits and demerits of all the methods are explained below.

Media: Media Advertisement is broadly accessible to a broad number of experienced and qualified personnel. The advertisement in newspapers has a broader range of views as compared to advertising on television. Internet advertisement is increasing at a relatively high rate. The cost of Internet advertising is very little. Tanglewood will also post the job vacancy ad on their website and other job board sites. Signs will be used for advertising, Billboards will be placed indoor and outdoor stores depending on the necessity of ad. The boards placed inside will be designed to attract foot traffic and are smaller in size. The candidate, who desires to get selected, has to apply through the company's website. The application will be comprised of job specified components that will eliminate irrelevant applicant. Efficient use of Media is a more open process that attracts a large number of personnel. It expands choices for selection of a right candidate and makes recruitment process more competitive. However, the use of media for recruitment is time consuming and expensive. It is recommended to Tanglewood tohire a media marketing agency that will deliver all the plans.

Employee referrals: The current employees' referrals will be given priority. The employees will refer the connections, friends, relatives and family members to Tanglewood. The process of referral serves as the most efficient tool for hiring the right personnel for position openings. Tanglewood has much confidence in its employees as they have referred the person who best matches the requirements of the job. Moreover, Tanglewood will save its time, money and effort to pursue a potential candidate for the job. This is an inexpensive way of recruiting and proves to be a motivator by offering them a sum $100 and a sense of optimism that Tanglewood thinks about their considerations.  The process is limited in its selection of candidates available as it denies a vast number of choices that can be considered multiple effective matches for the vacancy available. In addition to this, there is a possibility of moral dishonored for the employee whose candidate was not hired.

Kiosk: Kiosks are easy to use, as they save hiring cost that Tangle wood has to spend on other sources of recruitment. The perception of customers that there are better employees is always there. It is easy to apply using the kiosk for the position vacant. The hiring team will have straight access to the applicant's filled application. Kiosk also saves the application for further posts. It allows users to have a look at the company’s information, and can apply for the recent position. Kiosk has a high initial cost of $40,000 plus training costs of the selected candidate and is used at stores with high leaving rate. Tangle wood has only two positions vacant; and this would not be a good idea to use the kiosk for its hiring process...................

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