Benihana of Tokyo Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Benihana of Tokyo Case Study Solution

Employee Satisfaction:

Satisfaction of employees as the ecosystem for support available for every employee:

  • Satisfaction of employees increases growth chances of performances of both employees and organization.
  • Paternal attitude –served as the key to the bonding on basis of culture with effective management.
  • Providing employees with handsome wages and incentives such as plans of bonus.
  • Providing employees with intangible advantages like security of job and employees’ well-being.
  • Pride of employees serves as the key factor in the motivation of employees.

Effective and Aggressive Marketing:

Investment of Benihana at substantial level in the maintenance of public relations and development of advertisement:

  • Investment of about 8 to 10 percent in advertising from the gross sales.
  • Organization lead in terms of its unusual strategy of advertising.
  • Advertisement was exceptional, contemporary, off the wall visuals in the advertisement.
  • Benihana significantly maintained its policy word of mouth in a consistent manner.

Customer Satisfaction:

Research of market to evaluate the potential customers and their expectancy:

  • Quality of food drive the customers’ satisfaction the most i.e. use of food of prime grade.
  • The key drivers served as the factors of customers’ satisfaction was mainly atmosphere and service.

Problem Analysis:


  • Investors of the business were not experienced in regard to grow the restaurant business.
  • Lack of awareness about the culture of Japan and cooking style of Benihana.
  • Investors lack control in terms of management of operations.


  • Funds – unwillingness to receive loans from institutions of finance such as banks.
  • Organization faced inadequacy in the additional trained staff.
  • Productivity is considered good but is limited with availability of only two carpenters.


  • Services of the organization were time-consuming as there were no options of quick service.
  • The cost of advertisement was quite high and specific focus of organization towards food.
  • The services variation was limited to the primary United States food market.
  • The menu of the organization lacks variety of food as the menu was limited.



  • For the expansion of business, there is a requirement to explore potential regions such as suburb areas.
  • Joint ventures are considered more liable in comparison to franchise such as with the chain of international hotel.
  • Benihana can significantly take funds from the institutions of finance as cash flows was not a matter of concern.
  • Expansion of business in the international market like market of South East Asia with an attention of middle to upper class division.
  • Development of brands with varying value proposition like Benihana signature, Benihana of Tokyo and Benihana Oriental Express.


  • Through the expansion of business in the suburb areas, there will be reduction in the site cost.
  • Cutting down of additional cost of advertisement.
  • Use of local material in the development of building to give it a shape of architecture of Japan.
  • Use of locally available manpower for the work of carpentry.
  • Purchase of decoration material in bulk amount to get more discounted rates of the products.
  • Building of workshops in third world countries such as Indonesia or Thailand for production of decoration craft of Japan as new business line.


  • Introduce operations with quick services in order to cater the division of young people.
  • Benihana can take up add-on business in order to sell traditional stuff of Japan in a dedicated restaurant areas.
  • Bring variation in the menu such as addition of sushi-on-the-go, udon, robatayaki.
  • Introduction of attractive schemes for old people and females.
  • Introduction of complimentary card of membership to offer package of special offer to its loyal customers.
  • Building of local center for training particularly to train local staff.(Christian, 2014)


Since the establishment of Benihana from the time of Rocky’s father, the organization had been working as a restaurant, after Rocky joined Benihana to implement the things he had learned during his study at the American school and the systemic analysis of the American’s food market. Following a number of operations, Rocky completely changed the concept of Japanese food menu through introduction of three main American entrees which mainly included steak, chicken and shrimp as a replacement for raw fish as a representative food at the restaurants of Japan. His idea and management was unique which was quite difficult to imitate.



Exhibit – Production Process

Exhibit –Winning Strategy

Exhibit – Improvements:

Expansion Cost Operation
Explore potential regions

Joint ventures

Take funds

Focus on international market

Development of brands

Reduction in the site cost.

Cutting down of additional cost

Use of locally available manpower

Use of local material

Quick services

Take up add-on business

Bring variation in the menu

Complimentary card of membership

Local center for training


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