Manager, Global Host Field Operations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Manager, Global Host Field Operations Case Study Solution

Question Number One:

There are many ways through which it can be ensured that there are appropriate number of personnel available which can carry an inspection process. Firstly, Airbnb must have to maintain proper database of their inspectors, qualification, experience and competency. Such things are need to be assessed and recorded very firmly in their database. The database then needs to be analyzed in order to check that are there enough number of individual inspectors,who can carry inspections properly.

Moreover, the total number of inspectors required can be obtained by analyzing the historical data.Pilot program in Los Angeles required almost 1,963 inspectors while the number of listings there are only 366. On average listing, 536 inspectors are required. In order to conduct 50,000 listings, almost 268,169 inspectors are needed if Airbnb wants to wrap up their inspections in the same time as time taken to complete the pilot program inspection.

Question Number Two:

The minimum cost of inspection is $50 while the maximum cost of inspection is $200. The homes which doesn’t consist of  have any bedroom, costs almost $50 for inspections while the homes which have six bedrooms costs $200.In order to reduce the cost it is recommended for Airbnb to inspect the homes which have more than three bedrooms, though the cost of inspecting one bedroom or none is substantially high as compare to inspecting the homes which consist of three or more,

Question Number three:

It can be argued that there are many ways and procedures which can assist the management that the inspection which have been carried out is of highest quality. The management can hire professionally trained inspectors who have an adequate level of experience and are expert in their relevant field.

Moreover, the word performed by the inspectors should have to be regularly monitored in order to maintain the appropriate level of quality of their work. When there are proper  management and  evaluation system the workers tend to perform better and critical while staying away from fines, penalties and demotions. In addition to this, the management of Airbnb must provide a  proper training to the inspectors before assigning any inspection to them, even if the inspectors consist of any  some experience along with desired qualification,even still it is possible that he fails to perform according to expectations and requirement of Airbnb. This problem can be eliminated while the performance of inspectors could be improved if sufficient training is given to them before engaging them on work.

The management of Airbnb also have to maintain a positive work culture if they want to maximize the efficiency of their inspectors. The culture of any organizations lays direct impact on the performance of workers. If the inspectors are provided with a positive work culture, the efficiency and effectiveness of their work will automatically rise, which will  motivate them to improve their performance after seeing a positive culture within the organization.


Question Number One:
Total listings in Los Angeles            366
Total inspectors involved in Los Angeles         1,963
Average inspector required to conduct a single listing           5.36
Total number of listings globally       50,000
Total number of inspector required      268,169


Question Number Two:
Cost per bedroom
For one bedroom home                    75.00
For two bedroom home                    50.00
For three bedroom home                    41.67
For four bedroom home                    37.50
For five bedroom home                    35.00
For six bedroom home                    33.33

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