ASIMCO-Nanyue Joint Venture in China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case was written for a course in emerging financial markets. It can be used for learning assessment, mergers and acquisitions, and financial forecasting in emerging market settings. Intrigued by the growth opportunities in China, Jack Perkowski, a retired Wall Street investment banker, raised venture capital fund, with the support of two major institutions in the USA in 1994 to found the Asian Strategic Investment Company (ASIMCO) for the study of private equity investment opportunities in China. After visiting more than 100 automotive component factories in China, Perkowski and its partners have identified a number of state-owned enterprises as a potential capital of the joint venture partners. At the top of the list was Nanyue pump Co., Ltd. (Nanyue), one of China's largest manufacturers of fuel injection pump. After three months of negotiations, the two sides signed an agreement under which ASIMCO Nanyue and entered into a joint venture with ASIMCO holds a majority stake. If Perkowski and his partners to make this a joint venture agreement for final approval? And if so, how should Perkowski integration and restructuring of the public partner, Nanyue? In general, you should invest in ASIMCO automotive components industry in China?
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by Wei Li, Dong Li Source: Darden School of Business 25 pages. Publication Date: August 27, 2002. Prod. #: UV0395-PDF-ENG

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ASIMCO-Nanyue Joint Venture in China

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