Lufa Farms Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Lufa Farm is world’s one of the first commercial rooftop greenhouses. The company was founded by Mohmed Hage, who belongtoa Lebanese family who were basically farmers by passion. After several years, he considered a business plan, which attracted his friends and his cousins to work on theprojectand they spent two years of experiments on the hydroponic techniques to grow plants at thesoilless rooftop. Soon after its opening, it attracted 400 household subscribers to vegetables produced by the company, and other products distributed by the company.Subscribers increased from 400 in 2011 to 3,000 in 2013. The change was due to company’s flexible policy that customers can cancel their orders or subscription anytime. So, in pursuance of expansion strategy, the company should expand to other cities rather than franchising or change the business model. However, itis recommended for the company to improve the distribution channel and online website experience. Thecompany should also create amarketing strategy to attract the households, as well as thecompany should start targeting the restaurants and hotels to sell its products in the market.


Lufa Farm is the first commercial rooftop greenhouse in theworld that uses hydroponic techniques to grow vegetable plants in Montreal a Canadian city having apopulation of the 1.65 million peoples. The Farm was founded by the Mohamed Hage, who is also CEO of the Lufa Farm. The ideation of the business was due to his background to cultivation in the Lebanon before his family migrated to the Canada. However, Montreal region has the land-based annual growing season of 24 to 28 weeks. On the other hand, through the help of greenhouse, the Hage was able to operate throughout the year with cultivation on the rooftop at soilless with the hydroponic techniques.

Lufa Farms Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Furthermore, Hage made a team that could beautifully overcome the problems at the farm. So, Hage being the CEO of the company and the team members who are also founding members including Kurt D. Lynn Vice President were supposed to use their sales and marketing expertise in the company. Yahya Badran, the Director of Engineering, was responsible for the planning and construction of the greenhouses to meet the cultivation codes which means the structure should fulfill the criteria for the hydroponic cultivation in the building.

Hage also contacted the Lauren Rathmell, and she joined as the director Greenhouse where her expertise in the biochemist played avital role in research and development of the greenhouse. Similarly, the company started its operations publicly before conducting two years’experiments on the hydroponic techniques. Initially, thecompany acquired its first space for the greenhouse in Montreal. It had no proper marketing plan, but it just communicated with the customers online through social media or its online website, or promotional events as well.Thus, its market approach was direct to thecustomer over the weekly subscription basis, where the company delivered packages at the pickup points, where customers gottheir package as subscribed............................

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