Project Impact: The Affordable Hearing Aid Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Project Impact: The Affordable Hearing Aid Project Case Solution

A social entrepreneur with the mission of making advanced medical technology affordable and available to those in developing countries introduces David Green. Describes the growth and success of projects to develop, fabricate, and distribute low cost hearing aids and other medical technology that is basic in India and presents a direct contrast to the traditional maximum gain model of the medical sector. After attaining success with Aurolab, established in 1992 to provide intra-ocular lenses to eye care facilities such as the Aravind Eye Hospital, Green directed his energies towards hearing loss in developing countries, another region with the potential to make an impact. By creating a hearing aid accessible at $51 instead of the sector average of $1,600, Green could open up an entirely new market, turning the usual low-volume, high-margin model of the hearing aid business on its head. Job Impact is the nonprofit organization founded by Green in 2000 to manage and raise capital for his Affordable Hearing Aid Project in India.


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Project Impact: The Affordable Hearing Aid Project

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