Sanlu Group and the Tainted Milk Crisis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In late summer of 2008, a stained milk scandal outspread in China and stunned the world. Lethally high degrees of melamine were discovered in infant formula being sold on the market. Sanlu Group Inc. (Sanlu), the core company in the scandal, had made a product containing melamine that was 5,125 times higher than the European Union (EU) security units. The scandal swept through all over the world and the Chinese dairy industry where Chinese dairy products were recalled and banned. And, hospitalized 11 deaths were by December 2008, the official records demonstrated over 290,000 babies were sickened, 51,900 were guessed and three confirmed.

By examining the lead-up and background to the scandal, the global reactions to the disaster, the Chinese political climate and the consequent social and cultural transformations, can it be determined what could - and should - be done to prevent similar occurrences of food and product safety issues in the future?

PUBLICATION DATE: October 07, 2009 PRODUCT #: 909M77-HCB-ENG

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Sanlu Group and the Tainted Milk Crisis

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