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Role of innovation and use of technology:

The profit a company earns by being innovative and creating a product that adds value is obtained by subtracting cost from the revenue of the company. Viewing it in the lights of the creation mandate, it reflects that how the businesses are linked with the fulfillment of the main tenets of the creation mandate. As revenue is considered one of the important measures for identifying how beneficial the human creation has been over the period, the cost, on the other hand, is considered an important tool for measuring the resources that have been utilized and the amount of human efforts required for the transformation of those resources into a product. This difference that is obtained by subtracting the revenue and cost is viewed as an honest profit if earned following a moral framework present in the Scripture. Therefore, earning profits in an honest way can be viewed as a fulfillment of the God’s command which is to subdue the earth through efficient utilization of the resources provided.

God has created mankind with the ability of being creative and innovative. This ability is provided to every individual and it can be utilized to produce music, art, literature and technology. The knowledge of technology has blessed us with great comfort and convenience, and the ability of being creative is a part of His gift to His creation.

The command given by God to “fill the earth” doesn’t mean to fill the earth by increasing the size of the population, but it means that the earth should be filled with creativity and innovation i.e. by using the blessing of knowledge which has been bestowed upon us by God, and this incorporates the development of information technology.

Human ingenuity along with the resources is utilized in technology to form powerful machines, hardware and different computer software in order to create different programs to control the pollution generated through automobiles, airplane so that people can easily travel from one place to another within hours. Moreover, while predicting weather, creating moving images and formation of images showing internal organs of a living person to detect any disease in the human body, technology has been the key. And such level of creativity and innovation using different technologies is the product of God’s mercy and grace.

The creative mandate helps us understand the philosophy that the humans are created to achieve supremacy, to thrive, to work and to develop and generate more from what we have been provided. We have been given sense of creativity, knowledge, freedom and purpose, not for the sake of our own life, but to help build a better future for others by working collectively. It can be achieved by producing goods and services that are valuable for people and by providing an opportunity to generate jobs.

Today, we are living a better life as compared to the life we lived two hundred years ago. This all happened because now we have explored new ways through markets to facilitate each other with different goods and services that are extremely valuable and beneficial for us.

We are the image bearers of God, created to innovate, create and improvise in order to continue the work began by God. Each of our generation uncovers the new potential of earth, discovering new possibilities. We were created by God to fill this world with innovative creations because God provided us with extraordinary abilities to understand, think in an expected manner, remember and discern. He provided us with everything that is needed here on earth, from the raw material to the ability to identify their potential. (Nyhoff, 2005)

According to the creation mandate, God has made us rulers to rule over the earth. God has made us the sub-creator. He has put a responsibility on the mankind to create something out of what he has created for us. By utilizing the capabilities provided to us and for it an understanding of how valuable innovation and creation have become is needed. Now, we are living in the 21st century where innovation plays a very important role in each and every business. Today, Business requires a combination of innovation and technology in order to produce or generate products and services that are valuable for the mankind and add to the creativity of God without incurring many resources. The technology helps business to reduce the cost of producing for the benefit of people and helps to utilize the resources efficiently. (Middleton, 2018)...........


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