Process Improvement in Stanford Hospitals Operating Room Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In June 2004, the Committee of the material flow at Stanford Hospital and Clinics faced with the implementation of important improvements in the operating process. Despite the significant progress made in recent years of complaints from surgeons, nurses and technicians about the availability of surgical instruments has reached a record high. To find a solution was urgent, but different views on the best course of action. Some people believe that the sterilization of equipment and processing should be taken as one of the main (and made central to the training of personnel and compensation). Others believe that hospitals should invest in additional tools and information technology to improve efficiency. The third faction believes that the instruments of issues have led, in large part, from low morale and lack of cross-functional partnerships and collaboration in the operating room. The decision was to be made in order to devote limited time and resources at Stanford, a solution that will have the greatest, most direct impact on the efficiency of the operating room. "Hide
by Stefanos Zenios, Kate Surman, Elena Pernas-Giz Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 27 pages. Publication Date: November 23, 2004. Prod. #: OIT41-PDF-ENG

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Process Improvement in Stanford Hospitals Operating Room

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