Foodics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Foodics is a POS solution provider mainly to the restaurants.It started its business in Saudi Arabia, targetingthe food chains to offers the ease,speed and efficiency in order dispatching andcustomer lead time.The value proposition of Foodics is, it is based on IPad that means the software comesalong with an iPad, which improves the efficiency and dealing with the customer.

Foodics offers the 24-hour customer managementservices, along with the development and crunching of data from Big data.It allows the businesses to understand the customer insightsandhence develop the strategies that best fit their customer base and market.Since the aim of the Foodics is to offer efficiency and speed to the business managing the customer, by developing such aninterface that aligns with the best needs of the individual,forexample it develops different panels for different departmentsmaking the best out of the function in minimum time.Through the use ofFoodics, the business earningseffect customer dealing, crunchingof data from various sources into singularreportand the efficientmanagement of functionwithin the department, alongwith free consolation and import of big data for the customer that enables the business in streamlining the business activities and offering efficient services and operation, leading to high customer loyalty and convenience.

SWOT Analysis

Foodics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


  • The company has wide range of services, which allows it to tap different businesses with separate business needs, while on the otherhand offersone stop solution to the existing businesses.
  • It deals in Big data which is the next big thing for the businesses due to shifting of business strategy towardscustomer centric strategy.
  • The companyoffers the exquisite services on IPAD,which is easy to use and high-speed, and synchronizes with the client’s needs easily due to widespread usability and device awareness.
  • It is available in different languages.


  • The company only focusses on IPad for its software development, which limits its market.
  • Due to wide portfolio, the commonlacks to prioritize the operations.
  • It is only limited to Saudi Arabia mainly.


  • Since the company has big data info-graphicsandsoftware, it hasthe opportunity to tap into different market within Saudi Arabia, and also in Europeespecially in Germany and UK.In addition, it can expand into China andIndia as well, which are regarded as the emerging markets.
  • The company can further extend its consultationservices and developa totally new unit allocated for only consultation. Hencedevelopingsuch service as a separate SBU.
  • The company has the opportunity to expand the software from IPad to other devices, increasing the horizon of services.


  • The technology and the easy access to it can deteriorate the company value proposition.
  • The intense rivalry and competitioncan make the profitsmargins thin.
  • The market may become saturated due to intensecompetition and the market attractiveness may attract new entrants to offers similar services or more extended services at low prices, undercutting the Competitiveness of Foodics.


  • Foodics is focusedto offer the services to the Foodindustries, through the Foodics the business can learn the buying behavior of the customers, which can allow them to incorporate such finding in developing the next strategies.
  • Since big data is its key components, it can offer business the customer insights which can allow the business to utilize the market research andcustomer data to formalize the strategies to expandand manage the business operations.
  • theconsultation service canallow the business to take the skill and expert advise while streamlining the business, leading to effective customer management


  • The Foodics only focuses on the food industry which restricts its markets from expanding into different industries.
  • The market may become saturated in long run or limited, questioning the sustainability ofthebusiness in the long run.


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